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Review of Iranian, Egyptian and Indian shared culture in Bombay

In a gathering titled "Shred Cultures of Iran, India and Egypt" at Islamic Association University of Bombay, it was said that 60 percent of Urdu language vocabularies and literature are Persian.

According to Public Relations Department of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO), the gathering was attended by Iranian Cultural Attaché and official in charge of Iranian Cultural House to Bombay, Mohsen Ashuri, Zahir Ghazi, the former chancellor of the said university and Ahmad Al-ghazi, professor of Urdu language and literature at Al- Azhar University of Caro as well as large number of local lecturers and scholars.

 Speaking at the gathering, former chancellor of Islamic Association University of Bombay said India is one of the ancient countries of the world and has been closely in touch with other civilizations such as Iran and Egypt and today has also friendly relations with these two countries.

Zahir Ghazi said if we look closely at common culture among ancient civilizations we will realize that they have many thing in common culturally adding that Urdu language is really the sister language of Persian language and 60 percent of Urdu vocabulary is originate from Persian.

Then the Egyptian scholar took the podium and said Urdu language is the connecting bridge of Iranian and Indian culture because 60 percent of Urdu words are persain but grammar and rules of this language are Indian. He added that toddy in many universities across the world including Egyptian universities Urdu language is being taught.

The advisor to former Egyptian Minister of Culture said oriental civilizations like Iran, Egypt and India have had cultural relations during the course of the history and today they form a culture hub in the world.

Iranian cultural representative to Bombay for his part talking about relations between Iranian and Indian civilizations said the Persain language is considered as mother of the Urdu language and due to this same reason these two ancient civilizations are culturally tied to each other for many centuries.

Mohsen Ashuri said Iran and Egypt had also historical cultural relations and hoped that gathering of this kind to be held frequently to bring these world"s ancient nations together for within the framework of dialogue among civilizations.







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