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Chancellor of Abdul Kalam Open University of India:

Non- Muslim Indians are devoted to Imam Housein (AS)

Chancellor of Abdul Kalam Open University of India, Akhtar AlVasaa in a meeting with representative of Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution said non-Muslim Indians have great devotion to Imam Housein (AS).

According to Public Relations Department of Islamic Culture and Relations Organizations (ICTO), Akhtar AlVassaa, a prominent Muslim figure in India, visited Iranian Cultural Mission to New Delhi and held talks with representative of the Supreme Leader in India Hojatoleslam Mahdavipore and Iranian Cultural Attaché Mohammad Ali Rabbani.

Hojatoleslam Mahdavipore talking about historic and cultural potentials of Islamic Republic of Iran and India said devotion to Ahlulbayt and Imam Housein in particular, Persian language and mysticism and Sufism are three religious and cultural links between the two nations. He called for using these ties and their promotion for containing violence and extremism.

 The Indian academics for his part said the religious and cultural ties between Iran and India have their roots in history adding that great Iranian poets and Sufis have always been fascinating for Indian people.

The Chancellor of the Abdul Kalam Open University said paying serious attention to religious and cultural talks by Islamic Republic of Iran is commendable and important and by referring to status of Imam Housein (AS) among non- Muslim Indians said even Indian Buddhists and Sikhs are familiar with Iranian culture and Imam Housein and are influenced by Iranian religious rituals and culture and commemorate Muharram.

He proposed sending Indian professors and scholars to Iran to get familiar with Iranian cotemporary cultural developments and hoped that by presence of Iranian lecturers at Abdul Kalam University, the Iranology and Persian language department of this university to become operational.

 Akhtar Alvasaa  asked Iranian officials to provide the same university with religious and Shiite reference books adding that Iran"s cultural activities in India should not be confined to Muslims but by translating such reference books to Indian language provide a chance for non- Muslim Indians to become acquainted with Iran and Islam.

 Calling for holding of the third round of intercultural dialogue between Iran and India

Mohammad Ali Mahdavipore called for further promotion of cultural interactions between the two nations and said by making the young generation familiar with shared cultural heritage we can make use our past experience to expand cultural cooperation.

Iranian Cultural Attaché to India said both sides should take advantage of cultural talks and said we hope that Abdul Kalam University can play a leading role in holding 3rd round of Tehran-New Delhi intercultural dialogue.









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