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World Rumilogists come together



Rumilogist (those who are expert on philosophy and thoughts of Mowlana Jalal eddin Balkhi, Know in West as Rumi) from Iran, Turkey, Republic of Azerbaijan, Pakistan, Cypress, India and Balkan countries attend 6th International Molana conference in the Turkish city of Konya, the burial place of Mowlana.

According to Public Relations Department of Islamic Culture and Communication Organization (ICRO), the gathering titled "Loyalty to Mowlana and Civilizations" is being be held for two days at the Seljuk University in Konia on Dec. 19-20.

The Head of the Eurasia Study Center of Near East University of Cypress, Qadir Golkarian from Iran, said scholars from numerous countries will present their papers on Mowlana at the said gathering.

 He said mowlana"s words in this troubled world advices men and societies to have a positive look toward life adding that the common point among scholars and philosophers is to find solution for prevailing political and social problems.

 Mowlana was born on September 30, 1207 in the town of Balk in present Afghanistan and Died in 12073 in the Turkish city of Konya and is buried in the center of the same city .Mowlana is one of the most renowned Iranian poets, Faghih, Islamic Scholar, Sufi mystic and in recent years has attracted large number of followers from across the world.    





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