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What Shiite evidence is a threat, as claimed by the head of the Saudi diplomatic Mission

Chairman of the Malaysian Shia Society, Mohd Kamilzuhairi Abd Aziz.

KUALA LUMPUR: The head of the Shia Islamic community has slammed the statement of a Saudi diplomat who attacked them at a recent convention saying that the teaching is the biggest challenge for Muslims.

Malaysian Shia Society chairman Mohd Kamilzuhairi Abd Aziz said Saudi Arabia"s Embassy at Sheikh Abdurrahman Ibrahim Al-Rubai"in had to prove that religious activities of the Malaysian Shia people were a "threat" as alleged.

"What is the extraordinary program that I propose to endanger the security of the country, besides the tahlil, maulid apostles, children and grandchildren of the prophets?"

Kamilzuhairi and about 40 people went to the Iranian Embassy today to express condolences on the death of Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard (IRGC) commander Qasem Soleimani, who was killed in a US drone strike in Baghdad on Friday.

Sheikh Abdurrahman touched on the Shia issue in his speech at the National Level of Sunnah Convention organized by the pro-Saudi group, the Scientific Organization of Malaysia (ILMU) in the capital.

The Saudi diplomat said it was futile to approach them in an effort to unite Muslims because they had been lost, and that teaching was the biggest challenge for Muslims.

"The difference between Sunnis and Shiites is not about the Fiqiyyah alone, but also the haq and the false," he claimed in a Daily News report.

He further in a totally false claim said that Shia Muslims did not recognize the Quran followed by Sunni Islam.

Kamilzuhairi said he and his followers did not violate the country"s law, and denied Sheikh Abdurrahman"s allegations about the Quran.

"If anyone says the Quran only belongs to a Shiite follower, it is totally mistaken. Why is the religious presence at the Saudi Embassy more aware of this? "He said



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