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Talks between Iranian and South East Asian Muslim Scholars on countering Takfiri movements in Malaysia

The Iranian delegation from the Secretariat of the International Congress of the Campaign against the extremist and Takfiri groups sent to Malaysia had a meeting with the chairman of the South East Asian Scholar Association and the head of the Secretariat of the Islamic non-governmental Organization in Kuala Lumpur.

According to Public Relations Department of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO), the Chairman of the Secretariat of the Islamic non-governmental Organization, Azmi Abduhamid expressed his organization"s readiness for cooperation in campaign against religious extremism.


  He briefed his Iranian visitors about the activities of the Malaysian non-governmental Organizations aimed at bringing unity to Islamic Ummah and helping the poor and people in line with Islamic Human Rights.

The Malaysian Islamic Human Rights activist while referring to present challenges of the Islamic world said numerous plots are hatched to create division and launch aggression against the Islamic countries and hoped that Islamic NGOs in various Islamic countries by more interactions to be able to pass through this critical time.



Need for cooperation among Islamic organization


A member of the Iranian delegation, the Chairman of the Secretariat of the International Congress of the Campaign against the extremist and Takfiri groups, Hojatoleslam Mohammad Hasan Zamani called for increased struggle against extremist and Takfiri groups in the region.

 He said cooperation among Islamic leaders will have change the destination of the Muslim nations adding that Islam is the religion of compassion.


The peaceful life of Sunnis and Shiites in Iran


The Sunni Prayer Leader of the Iranian town of Oshnaviah, Mostapha Khatami thanked the Malaysian religious officials for invitation extended to their Iranian counterparts and talked about the equality of the Sunnis and Shiites in Islamic Republic of Iran adding that the Zionist media are responsible for divisions and animosity among Muslim.

Hojatoleslam Mohamad Reza Khoshkhoo another Iranian religious scholar elaborating on the efforts made in Iran to counter extremism and Takfiri groups and said meeting of this kind will contribute to international peace and tranquility.

The Head of the Association of Malaysian Islamic Scholars by referring to plots by the western governments and their aggression against the Islamic Ummah, called for exchange of ideas and cooperation among Muslim scholars and intellectuals.

At the conclusion of this gathering, both sides called for signing of a memorandum of understanding for bilateral scientific interactions and using joint potentials to fight against religious extremism.  





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