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Chancellor of Indian Abul Kalam University: Iranians have played an undeniable role in pro

Iranians have played an undeniable role in production of Science and knowledge in world of Islam during the course of history

A seminar called "Islamic Education, Challenges and Cooperation Opportunities in Islamic World" was held at Maulana Abul Kalam University in West Bengal attended by Iranian Cultural Attaché, Mohammad ali Rabbani.

According to Public Relations Department of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO), the seminar was also attended by the representative of Supreme Leader"s Bureau in India, Alizadeh Mosavi, Chairman of the Representative Office of Al- Mustafa University, Shakeri, Chancellor of the Abul Kalam University, Professor Akhtar Alvase and a number of local scientific and cultural dignitaries.


Iranians have played been an undeniable role in production of science and knowledge in world of Islam for long time

Chancellor of Abul Kalam University who is a prominent Indian Muslim scholar talking about the importance attached to education in the Holy Quran said Iranians have been very active in production of science and knowledge through the History and have considerable share in development of many sciences such as astronomy, philosophy, jurisprudence, literature and mysticism.


Iran is one of the advanced countries in areas of science, Technology and education   

Professor Akhtar alvase, describing Iran as scientifically and technologically a developed country called for using Iran"s experiences especially in Islamic educations.

Iranian Cultural Attache to India said scientific relations is one of the important tools of international cooperation adding that since this kind of cooperation is conducted through scholars and elites, it"s based on rationality, moderation and sustainability.

Mr. Rabbani said in Quranic and Islamic teachings science is regarded as light and as religion is also considered as being originated from light, then there is no contradiction between science and religion and that"s why the education system based on knowledge-centered Islam is part of religious rituals.

He then talked about the phenomenon called globalization and said the education system in this era is economy-based and referring to expansion of influence of Internet and cyberspace, information technology and information without boundary while admitting its advantages said the emerging education system has been harmful to the traditional education systems including Islamic one.

Other speakers also talked about the education and its role in extremism in the Islamic World and called for cooperation between the two traditional and academic education systems.

The representative of the Al- Mustafa University briefed the audience about the activities of this international academic institution and its potentials for cooperating with Indian academic centers.    





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