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On the occasion of the auspicious 10 Day Down of the Islamic Revolution

Review of reasons behind the conflict between Iran and The US ant its impact on the Philippines

 At the initiative of the Iranian Cultural Mission in Manila, review of the reasons behind the conflict between Iran and The US ant its impact on the Philippines was held at the Asian Studies Center of the University of The Philippines also assisted by Irano - Filipino Friendship Society.

According to Public Relations Department of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO), a considerable number of high ranking officials of the University of the Philippines, former minister of labor of the country, university professors and students attended the gathering and Iranian Cultural Attaché to Manila spoke about the importance of Iran and the Persian Gulf region and the background of efforts by the United States to dominate this part of the world and its animosity against the Iranian nation.

Mr. Saburi, briefed the audience about the military Coup jointly launched by the US and UK against the legitimate government of Iran in 1953 aimed at taking the control of Iranian oil industry and dependency of the regime of Shah to west and the US in particular and elaborated on the political and economic domination of the America over Iran during the time of the hated regime of Pahlavi.

He then talked about the reasons behind the Islamic Revolution led by the Late Imam Khomeini (RH) and explained the hostility of Washington towards the Islamic Revolution since its outset up to the present time.

 The Iranian Cultural Attaché to Manila said Islamic Republic of Iran respects the principle of equal rights of all nations and noninterference in the internal affairs of other countries.

 Saburi added that as long as the US policy is based on bullying and putting pressure, there won"t be any room for interactions.

 Other speakers also talked about other aspects of antagonism between Iran and United States and impact of such hostilities on Sought East Asian countries and the Philippines in Particular.

A professor of the History Department of University of the Philippine, Mr. Silivia talked about the extensive presence of the US in the Middle East and said such presence is provocative and exacerbates local tensions and conflicts.

 The former labor minister of the Philippines talked about the problem of increasing tension and the problems caused by the US all over the world including the Middle East and said the ungoing tension will not remain limited to Iran and the United States but involve other nations including the Philippines that has special relations with the US and at same time tens of thousands itcitizens who work in the Middle Eastern countries.

The former Filipino cabinet minister said the aggressive policies must be contained by cooperation of all countries and the international organizations for the sake of bringing peace and tranquility to the world community.













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