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A leading Indian Muslim clergy urges:

The personal characteristics of the Supreme Leader should be publicized within the world Muslim community

Hojatoleslam Fayyaz Bagherو a leading clergy in Bombay in his meeting with the person in charge of Iranian Cultural Houseو called for introducing the personal characteristics of the Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khamenei to world Muslim community, especially the young generation.

According to Public Relations department of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organizations (ICRO), Mohsen Ashuri met members of the Bombay Clerical Association, Hojatoleslam Fayaz Bagher, Farman Musavi, Vasi Heidar, Karbalaee Jaafar and Mohsen Naser and discussed ways of expansion of bilateral cooperation.

 The Person in charge of Iranian Cultural House said today the Islamic Republic of Iran enjoying the wise leadership of the Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution and help of zealot youth, have taken long steps towards success and prosperity and has made the enemies of the nation fearful of the Iranian power.

Mr. Ashuri said enemies of Islam and most evidently the villain and criminal US government by their ugly and arrogant schemes want to stop this movement but they are ignorant of the fact that this is a universal movement based on the uprising of Imam Housein (AS) and that"s why the late Imam Khomeini said" Blood will Triumph Over the Sword".

He added that, but world Zionism in order to achieve its tyrannical objective does not refrain from any barbaric act and martyring of the brave Iranian    

Commander, general Haj Qasem Soleimani was a clear example of such cowardly act animosity.

 Ashuri said general Soleimani sacrificed his life in path of revitalizing Islamic values and his struggle and jihad was in line with the movement of Imam Housein (AS).

 The Iranian cultural representative said the standard bearer of this movement today is the Supreme Leader who is a wise, strong and brave leader and introducing his personal characteristics is a vital need at this juncture.

 He went on saying that enemies of Islam try to tarnish the image of the Muslim clergies within the Muslims community and that"s why you as leading clergies have a critical responsibility and consequently you should be very careful in advancing your programs.

 He urged the Indian Islamic Scholars to cooperate more closely with the Iranian Cultural House in every possible areas.


 Holding Velayat Seminar in India


Hojaoleslam Fayyaz Bagher for his part said the Indian Muslim Clergies Association has started his activities which is advancing the Islam in India, in 2002 adding that by proper planning and appropriate arrangements within a short time has been able to cover all Islamic events and festivities.

The high ranking Indian clergy said enemies of Iran are enemies of Islam and they try to create division among Muslims and depict a distorted image from Islam adding that most of the Takfiri groups are created by the enemies of Islam and those who claim are defending the human rights.

Hojatoleslam Fayyaz called for introducing the personal characteristics of the Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khamenei to world Muslim community, especially the young generation.







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