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In a gathering in New Delhi:

The language of art is the most effective tool for bringing nations closer to each other

Iranian Cultural Attaché to New Delhi, speaking at the opening ceremony of "Iranian Cultural Month in India" said the language of art is the most familiar, effective and sustainable tool for bringing nations closer to each other and interact.

According to Public Relations Department of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO), Iranian Cultural Attaché to New Delhi, Mohammad Ali Rabbani talking about the share of art in the historical and cultural relations between Iran and India said reviewing the history of ties between the two nations shows that the language of art has always been the most familiar, effective and sustainable tool of interactions and communication of Iranian and Indian people.

He said today we can see the symbols and monuments such as Taj Mahal and hundreds of other historical buildings, inscriptions, , paintings and other areas of arts, like music and poetry  which are clear signs of deep art and cultural ties between the two nations.

Speaking at the gathering attended by Iranian Ambassador to New Delhi Mr. Ali Chegeni, the Head of the Gandhi Cultural Center affiliated to Indian Ministry of Culture, the prominent Indian Muslim film director Seyed Mozafar Ali, Chairman of Indian Literary Academy and a group of local art and cultural dignitaries, Mr. Rabbani said coincidence of Iranian Cultural Month in New Delhi and 41th anniversary of Islamic Revolution is an important development in two countries cultural relations and hoped that presence of prominent Iranian craftsmen and artist such as calligraphers, painters, carpet weavers, musicians and  Shahnameh reciters, contribute to further strengthening of Tehran-New Delhi cultural ties.

 The Head of the Indian Gandhi Cultural Center for his part said culture, art and philosophy are three important elements that have played a major role in rise of civilizations and added that during the course of history art and cultural potentials of Iran and India have been the main source of common culture and other similarities between the two nations.

Talking about myriads of Persian manuscripts in Indian libraries such as Mathnawi Maanawi by Mowlana Jalaleddin Balkhi or Shahnameh Ferdowsi he said enlisting these are essential adding that such effort is currently underway in India.

Indian renowned filmmaker, Seyed Mozafar Ali by saying that Persian language is very rhythmic and pleasant added that Persian literary works such as Mathnawi have considerable potentials for joint movie production

Iranian Ambassador to New Delhi talking about relation between Iran and India said art is the language of affection and can"t be terrorist adding that our bilateral relations are based on art and culture and our interactions are historically deep rooted.

 Mr. Chegeni said Iran was the first country to officially recognize Indian independence and went on saying that art is the language of the general public and this language is free from any prejudices and shortsightedness. He said poems by Iranian poets are full of kindness, coexistence and peaceful messages, inviting people to peace and reconciliation.

During the Iranian Cultural Month in India that started on January 21, an exhibition of Iranian art and cultural works is also showcasing various handicrafts and performance of cultural programs including reading of Shahnameh   







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