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Pakistan is interested in joint production of films with Iran

The especial assistance to Pakistani Prime Minister for Information Affairs, while praising Iran for its capabilities and high moral of its people for their success in various areas, said we are interested in joint production of films with Iran

According to Public Relations Department of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO), Ms. Ferdows Ashegh Avan, on Friday visited an exhibition showcasing Iran"s 40-years of achievements in film industry currently underway in Islamabad on the occasion of 41st anniversary of the Islamic Revolution, as especial guest, said Iranian people have shown that they will never submit to any country and only obey their Leader and are loyal to their country"s aspirations.

 She congratulated the anniversary of the Islamic Revolution and said relations between Islamic Republic of Iran and Pakistan is not limited to only two friendly and brotherly countries but they are bound to each other by shared land borders and long and historical relations.

 The especial assistance to Pakistani Premier for Information Affairs said Iranian film are awarded in various international film festivals and called Pakistan filmmakers to work with their Iranian counterparts and learn from their knowledge and experiences.

She said in various periods, I have visited Iran for 17 times and saw personally great progress made by country especial among the women community.






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