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On the occasion of 41st anniversary of Islamic Revolution

Reviewing today Iran in Jakarta

By the initiative of Iranian Cultural Mission to Indonesia, assistance of Iranian Room at the Sharif Hedayatollah University of Jakarta and Society of Moderate Islam, a gathering was held under the title of "Today Iran at the 41st Anniversary of the Islamic Revolution and establishment of the Islamic Republic of Iran".

According to Public Relations Department of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO), during the gathering a clip about Iran was screened and was found very interesting by the audience and the Iranian Cultural Attaché to Jakarta, Mehrdad Rakhshandeh in his opening remarks thanked the organizers of the meeting and welcomed the audience and briefed them about the history of the Islamic Revolution. He said the Islamic Revolution that toppled the monarchy supported by the then superpower namely the US, was certainly a very important and valuable event which none could even imagine to take place, but the late Imam Khomeini (RA) backed by the people of Iran and based on the teachings of Islam and the holy Quran could plant the young tree of Islam in our land and this young tree has grown to huge and strong tree and we are now witness to significant achievements.

 He said one of strategic goal of the enemies in their soft war against our country is to disappoint the people and make the people, especially the young generation disappointed and hopeless about the future and depict a bleak image and by their media try to prevent people from understanding the realities and show the government as impotent and unable to govern properly.  

 He went on saying that despite the threats, pressures and unfair sanctions imposed against our country, the nation under the wise leadership of the Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khamenei is united and has made great achievements and success in numerous areas including health and medical sectors, agriculture, science and technology, stem cells, culture, industry and military and is more advanced in these areas from other regional sates.

He said one of secrets of the Islamic Republic of Iran is up breading individuals who are brought up in accordance with Quranic teachings and they are ready to sacrifice their life in defense of their country"s freedom and independence and safeguarding the rights of the oppressed nations and resist against arrogant powers. Rakhshandeh said one of such individual was the Martyr Haj Qasem Soleimani who devoted his life fighting terrorist and extremist groups in the region and finally achieved his wishes and was martyred by the his enemies.

Other speakers, like university professor, Ammar Fouzi talked about his several years living in Iran and said it should be noted that the enemies of Islamic Republic of Iran right from the establishment of the Islamic Republic have tried whatever they could do to topple this Islamic state.

Others also talked about campaign launched of Islamic Republic of Iran against terrorist groups such as DAESH and described Iran as one of most stable and safe countries in the region and that has made progress in many sectors and has safeguarded its cultural identity.











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