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Celebration of 41st anniversary of the Islamic Revolution in Pakistani city of Lahore

On the occasion of the 41st anniversary of the Islamic Revolution, a festive ceremony was held at a local hotel at the initiative of Iranian Consulate General in Pakistani city of Lahore.

According to Public Relations Department of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO), Iranian top Diplomat in Lahore, Mohammad Reza Nazeri, spoke at the gathering also attended by person in charge of Iranian Cultural House and representative of Saeedi Foundation, Ali Akbar Rezaee Fard and a group of local dignitaries and academics from various universities.

He said 41 years ago the Islamic Revolution under the leadership of Imam Khomeini (RH), by presenting a noble ideas and based on the vote of the nation, brought down the oppressive monarch system and established the Islamic Republic of Iran that turned to be a major and influential event within the Islamic World and the Region.   

The Iranian Council General said Iran with it its rich culture and ancient civilization, for centuries by upholding Islam and its culture have been promoting this religion and its revolution is founded on Islam, spirituality and one word and that"s "Allah" and these days Iranian Islamic Revolution is celebrating its 41st anniversary.

Talking about assassination of the great commander of the Islamic World, Martyred General Soleimani and significant increase of tension in the region which could be interpreted as continuity of the plots by terrorist US government and act of sabotage by other enemies, said Islamic Republic of Iran as a major regional power has played important role in regional and international developments. Iranian top diplomat to Lahore said Iran presented Hormuz Peace Initiative to bring peace and stability to the region and have considerably contributed to bilateral cooperation with its neighboring countries.

 On the sideline of this gathering an exhibition is set up, showcasing Iranian handicrafts from across the country and precious books including topics such as introduction of Iranian cultural and tourist attractions, scientific, educational and pilgrimage text books.




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