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Iranian Revolution celebration and Hezbollah in Lebanon

The 41st anniversary of Islamic Revolution was celebrated in the Lebanese city of Baalbek, jointly by Iranian Embassy in Beirut and the Lebanese Hezbollah Movement.

According to Public Relations Department of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO), the festive ceremony held on Feb. 9, was attended by the official representative of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Grand Ayatollah Khamenei in Lebanon, Sheikh Mohammad yezbek, Iranian Cultural Attaché to Lebanon, Abbas Khamehyar and a group of local political and religious dignitaries.

Sheikh Yezbek, speaking at the gathering called for continuation of the path of resistance from Tehran to Palestine and said this route will be firmly continued against the so called "Deal of the Century" by General Ghaani, successor of martyred General Soleimani. He added that the Deal of the Century is a mirage and plot that will not be implemented and the resistance movement and Palestinians will reject and oppose this scheme.

 The Representative of the Supreme Leader of the Revolution, Grand Ayatollah Khamenei in Lebanon said we count on the unity of the Palestinian nation and acceptance of the approach adapted by the Resistance Movement toward the said Scheme by the Palestinians. This Approach will return Palestine to its true owners and nothing will empower the Resistance Movement like unity and ousting of the US from the region, said the high ranking Lebanese clergy. He added that final destiny of all evil schemes is the dustbin of the history as we saw in case of the Jordanian Deal of the Century.

Then Iranian Cultural Attaché to Beirut Mr. Abbas Khamehyar took the podium and said hostility towards the Islamic Revolution stared soon after the victory of the Revolution and added that US President Donald Trump, in line with serving the interests of the Zionist regime has applied harshest pressures and sanctions against Islamic Republic of Iran.

 He added that the US government by assassinating Martyr Haj Qasem Soleimani and the Deputy Commander of Iraqi Popular Forces, Abu- Mahdi Al-Muhandes, have inflicted a very heavy damage to Iran and the Resistant Movement but undoubtedly the pure and sacred blood of these two martyrs are flowing in the veins of Iranian people and awakened people of the world.

Mr. Khameyar said if the Americans do not leave the region they will sustain the blows of the resistance and will be force to retreat from the region.

 He said Islamic Republic of Iran will remain alongside of the Palestinian People and the Resistance Movement till total liberation of the occupied Palestinian lands and establishment of the Palestinian State with the Holy Quds as its capital. He concluded his speech by saying that the Palestinian people will not allow implementation of the so called Deal of the Century.






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