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According to its constitution the main functions of the ICRO fall under three broad categories, viz., ‘policy-making, planning, directing, controlling, arid coordinating’; “research activities”; and ‘executive affairs”, the details of which are given below:

1. policy-making, Planning, Directing, Controlling, and Coordinating:

 I. policy-making and coordinating of all the cultural and propagation activities overseas;

2. Directing and supporting the cultural activities of the overseas non-governmental sectors; 3. Ensuring the appropriate execution of cultural agreements, cultural exchange programs, and memoranda of understanding (MOU) with other countries of the world; 4. Offering material and moral support to personalities, associations, and Islamic and peoples’ organizations; 5. Planning for the cultural enlistment of the Iranians living abroad and the non-resident Iranians as well as those who have keen interest in the Islamic-Iranian culture; 6. Formulating rules and regulations pertaining to the publication of books, periodicals, and other cultural products and ensuring the proper execution of the same. II.Research Activities:

 1. Carrying out the required research and studies in order to arrive at appropriate methods of introducing the Islamic-Iranian sciences, teachings, culture, and civilization;

2. Carrying out cultural and international research and studies as well as supporting Islamic research projects particularly in the area of understanding religions, schools of thought, cultures of the various nations and the structures of the schools of thought in various societies; 3. Identifying and developing relations with various cultural and religious societies,associations, and personalities of the world in general and of Islamic countries in particular.

III. Executive Affairs: 1. Coordinating and providing the necessary grounds for the purpose of the signing of cultural agreements, cultural exchange programs and Moue in order to facilitate exchange in the areas of culture, science, education, art, cinema, tourism, news, press, sports, etc. and participating in the conferences and seminars organized by regional and international organizations, in collaboration with concerned institutions; 2. Dissemination activities and cultural cooperation with Islamic and cultural centers of other countries as well as regional and international organizations; 3. Supporting the promotion and expansion of theological and university activities overseas; 4.Bstablishment, promotion, and management of all the Iranian cultural offices abroad as well as the Islamic and cultural centers affiliated to the Islamic Republic of Iran; appointment of the cultural representatives of Iran, and supervision over their activities; 5. Organizing seminars, conferences, festivals, public functions, and exhibitions in the area of culture; 6. Dissemination of the Persian language and literature as well as the promotion of university chairs in the fields of the Persian language and Iranian studies;

7.Writing and translation of books and periodicals with a view to introducing the Islamic-Iranian tenets, teachings, culture, and civilization as well as facilitating cultural exchange with other countries. 

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