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Islam is one of the attributions of Algerian society
An Algerian scholar of religious studies, Mohammad Al-Otaibi in a meeting with Iranian Cultural Attaché to Algiers said Islam is one of the dynamic and valuable characteristics of Algerian society and called for cultural activities away from sectarianism and religious antagonism.
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Belgrade International Book Fair opened
64th Belgrade International Book Fair was inaugurated on Monday Oct. 20 under the Motto of "Thinking and Writing Are Two Sides of a Same Coin" attended by more than 500 local and foreign publishers.
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Ghanaian daily publishes statements by the Supreme Leader about Arbaeen March
The English Daily, Ghanaian Times, in an article has reflected on the statements by the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution about the Arbaeen March.
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Arbaeen was commemorated across the world
By efforts and initiative of Iranian Cultural Missions in numerous countries across the world, mourning ceremonies were held on the sad occasion of Arbaeen (40th day since martyrdom of Imam Hussein (AS).
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Iran and Afghanistan to carry out joint programs
Iranian Cultural Mission to Kabul is to cooperate with Turkish Education Foundation in Afghanistan on offering scholarship to students, organizing training courses, study opportunities and cultural programs.
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Commemoration night of Hafez in Belgrade
The "Echo of Love Story" a ceremony commemorating the renowned Iranian poet, Hafez was held at the Persian Language Center of Belgrade University.
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Iranian Cultural Attaché to Iraq: Martyrs of Resistance, are the main factor behind unity of Iran and Iraq
Iranian Cultural Attaché to Iraq, speaking at a commemoration ceremony organized to honor the family members of "Martyrs of Resistance" said Martyrs of Resistance from other countries and Iraq who lost their life in fighting against Daesh are the linchpin of unity between Iranian and Iraqi People.
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Iranian publishers to attend Turkmenistan International Book Fair
Seven Iranian major publishers are due to attend forthcoming Turkmenistan International Book Fair.
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Iran and Russia to hold joint museum workshop
Officials of Russian Oriental Arts Museum and Iranian Cultural Mission to Moscow have agreed to hold joint museum workshop in Russia.
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Review of the role of Hafez in Persian and world literature in Istanbul
The commemoration ceremony of Hafez was held last week on birthday anniversary of this world renowned Iranian poet on Oct. 14 in Turkish city of Istanbul.
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Iranian Cinema Day in Kazakhstan
The Iranian Cinema Day was held in Kazakhstan by screening two Iranian films, "The Maritime Silk Road" and "Painting Pool" for a larger number of students and professors of Kazakhstans Turan University.
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Algeria wants to use Iranian academic and scientific experiences
In a meeting between an Algerian Nano-technology professor and Iranian Cultural Attaché to Algiers, the Algerian university lecturer said his country is interested in using Iranian scientific and academic experiences.
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University of Kashan signs cooperation agreement with a Filipino State University
Officials of Iranian University of Kashan and the visiting Filipino academic delegation signed a letter of cooperation agreement on Tuesday Oct.16.
 09:59 - 17/10/2019 - Comments : 0More >>
New deputy appointed at Islamic Culture and Relations Organization
Chairman of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization has appointed Mr. Ghorbanali Poormarjan as his Deputy for Promotion of International Relations.
 09:43 - 17/10/2019 - Comments : 0More >>
Iranian University of Jundishapour and University of the Philippines sign cooperation agreement
A memorandum of understanding has been signed by Iranian University of Jundishapour of Dezful and the Philippines State University on Academic Cooperation.
 22:53 - 15/10/2019 - Comments : 0More >>
Iran took part at Paris International Tourism Exhibition
By help of Iranian Cultural Mission in France, Iran attended the international tourism exhibition was held in Paris.
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Algerians are interested in Islamic Revelation of Iran
The Head of the Algerian Islamist Party called Algerian Front in his meeting with Iranian Cultural Attaché to Algiers said Algerian people are fond of Iranian Islamic Revolution.
 22:23 - 14/10/2019 - Comments : 0More >>
Ebrahimi Turkaman:
Russian Cultural Week will be held in Iran
The Chairman of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization in a meeting with Russian Ambassador to Tehran said Russian Cultural Week will be opened next Iranian month in Tehran
 21:35 - 14/10/2019 - Comments : 0More >>
A book written by the Supreme Leader, titled the 25o - Year Old Man has be translated into Thai language
The book, Two Hundred Fifty-Year Old Man Written by the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution has been translated to Thai language and published in Bangkok.
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Iran and China cooperate on Interreligion dialogues
Iran and China in a joint effort to promote peace and stability among nations away from religious fanaticism and extremism, have decided to cooperate on interreligious dialogues.
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