• May 13 2022 - 10:24
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Iran's tourist attractions on Malaysian television.

Broadcasting Iran's attractions on Malaysian television

Visiting Iran every Wednesday on Malaysian TV

Broadcasting Iran's attractions on Malaysian television

For the first time, our country's tourist attractions documentary is aired every week on Malaysian television.

Documentary of Iran's tourist attractions in the most watched hour, the spiritual moments of Iftar every Wednesday have become the guest house of millions of Malaysian daily.

The documentary was made by Rezvan Bin Ismail, a famous Malaysian presenter and chef, known as "Chef Van", at the request of the Malaysian "Astro" network during a two-week trip to Iran.

This documentary introduces the capacities of tourism, cultural heritage, handicrafts and the way of preparing and cooking all kinds of traditional Iranian food in the cities of Tehran, Kashan, Isfahan and Shiraz in seven 25-minute episodes.

It airs every Wednesday on Astro Ross at 19:30 Malaysian time.

So far, six episodes of this documentary have been broadcasted starting from the holy month of Ramadan, and the last episode will be broadcast next week.


مالزی کوالالامپور

مالزی کوالالامپور

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