Miladu Nabi

  • Start date : Oct 14 2022
  • End date : Oct 14 2022
  • Place : Ali MUhammad Mosque
  • Capacity : 60 (SIXTY)
Miladu Nabi

On this date we come together in comemoration of the prophet Muhammad's Birthday (PBUH)

10 October 2022
The Cultural Centre of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Zimbabwe, in
conjunction with the University of Zimbabwe’s department of Religion, Classics and
Philosophy, will, in commemoration of the Birth Anniversary of Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) , (Milad
Un Nabi), be hosting a seminar with the running theme: “Christian – Muslim Relationships: Role of Prophet Muhammad in promoting peaceful co-existence among religions”.
The seminar will be held on Friday, the 14 th October 2022 at the Al – Muhammad Mosque in central Harare starting from 10 AM to 13:00 hours Zimbabwe time.
The seminar will be addressed by Professor Kudzai Biri, an intellectual on Islamic Studies and Professor Tabona Shoko, from the university of Zimbabwe as well as a presentation by a respected Muslim Cleric, Sheikh Abdulla Makwinja and a Christian Pastor, Pastor Wyson Dutch.

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