Two day International webinar on saadi studies, مطالعات سعدی،

  • Start date : Oct 13 2021
  • End date : Oct 13 2021
  • Place : Department of Persian university
  • Capacity : Webinar
 Two day International webinar on saadi studies, مطالعات سعدی،

Webinar on Sa’du Studies was held by Department of Persian, DU

Two-day webinar on Saadi studies in India was held by the Department of Persian Delhi University with the cooperation of Iran Culture House, New Delhi on 22- 23 October with the presence of  Persian Professors & Scholars from the Islamic Republic of Iran, India, Tajikistan,

The opening ceremony of this two-day webinar was attended by Dr. Chandara Shekhra, former Head of the Persian Department, Delhi University, Dr. Haddad Adel, Chairman Sa’di Faoundation, Iran, and Dr. Mohammad Ali Rabbani, Cultural Counselor of Iran in New Delhi.

Prof. Chandra Shekhra called Saadi the pinnacle of Persian poetry and literature and stated that Saadi's studies and research on Saadi's influence on Persian and Urdu poetry and culture are among the necessities related to the study of Persian and Iranian literature and culture in the subcontinent. The Persian department of Delhi University tries to provide academic content in this part of Persian studies every year by holding international seminars and meetings and encouraging prominent professors to present research based articles.

 Dr. Haddad Adel, Chairman Saadi Foundation and President of the Academy of Persian Language and Literature, Iran, gave a description of the characteristics of Saadi's poetry and works, and mentioned its educational and moral themes, as well as the sweetness and psychological expression of Saadi. The head of the Saadi Foundation said that the reason for the popularity of Saadi in India and its geographical scope is due to its pleasantness, beauty, simplicity and of course the melodic and rich content of Saadi's language, which has expressed the realities of life in the most tangible way possible. I addition he has suggested that due to the importance of Saadi's position in India and the influence of prominent Indian Persian poets from this famous Iranian poet, specialized libraries as well as specialized Saadi research centers in cultural centers And activate the university.

Dr. M. Ali Rabbaniwas the opening speaker of this webinar. Perhaps none of the Iranian poets like Saadi - in terms of the extent of influence in India among the Muslims is popular. Because the depth of thought and spiritual dominance of the words of Saadi and Rumi throughout the realm of culture under the influence of Persian culture and literature in India has had such an impact on the thoughts of people and thinkers of its elite that it affects not only religious beliefs, morals, philosophy and mysticism. On the contrary, in the literature of this land, it is still fully felt after centuries and the decline of the Persian language. One of Saadi's imitators, Amir Khosrow Dehlavi, is nicknamed the “Tutiye Hind”. In India and Iran, for at least three centuries, until the rise of Abolfazl Allami, he was a role model for poets and writers. Amir Khosrow's love poems, which are rooted in Saadi's virtues, have the same eloquence and sweetness of Saadi's tradition. Therefore, Amir Khosrow, like Hassan Dehlavi Sajzi, one of the other peaks of Persian lyric poetry and the first generation of Persian speakers of the Indian language, is called Saadi of India.

Forty-three professors from universities in India, Iran, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan presented their papers during the two days of the conference. Twenty-two Iranian professors from different universities of our country were present in this program.

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