webinar on "Better Recovery for a Fair and Sustainable World."

  • Start date : Sep 21 2021
  • End date : Sep 21 2021
webinar on

webinar on "Better Recovery for a Fair and Sustainable World."



Considering that peace, tranquility and security are among the most important and key blessings of God, in the shadow of which human societies reach perfection and excellence, and according to the interpretation of Islamic texts, it is a path that leads to light and enlightenment, and since one of the attributes And the letters of God Almighty are "security and peace" and this word is repeated by every Muslim several times a day in his prayers and the Holy Quran calls paradise the place of peace (Dar al-Salam), and due to the importance of re-emphasizing the religion of Islam as A pro-peace rite, the delegation agreed to respond to the invitation of other members of the UNIHARMONY PARTENERS, a community of Christianity, Buddhism and Hinduism in the country, at a webinar entitled "Better Recovery for a Fair World and "Paydar", which was held on the eve of the International Day of Peace, the company and the cultural advisor, in turn, explained the views of Islam on peace. Has held meetings with other members in the field of dialogue between religions and sects are: General Catholic Church of the Philippines, Focular Movement affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church of the Philippines Branch, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) of the Philippines Branch, Buddhist Temple of the Philippines, Hindu Temple in the Country, Council of Allied Churches Church. World Peace Day was unanimously adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on September 22, 1981, in Resolution A / RES / 53/243 B, and called on all individuals and human societies to contribute to the creation of a culture of peace. The Ross webinar began at 2 pm with a prayer service through a video produced by the Focular Catholic Movement, and the host welcomed the gathering, noting the importance of the gathering not only to commemorate the anniversary of Peace Day but also to continue efforts in The field of information in the days of the spread of the epidemic is Quidd - 19. He then invited Father Carlos Reyes, Assistant Secretary of State for International Affairs and Interfaith Talks in Manila, to present a welcome text to the audience.


Welcoming all the members of the "Supporters of Unity Synagogue" and all those involved in the meeting, Reiss added that this action is in line with the commemoration of Peace Day, which has been announced by the United Nations. The speaker added: "We are currently in the second year of the outbreak of Covid 19 disease, which caused many changes in society, all of which were negative, especially in terms of human health, economy and contact with people." He compared the events with the words of the Bible that the devil disrupted the life, economy and livelihood of the people and said, in any case, we must seek to solve problems. "We live in a world where we are always vulnerable, so the respected speakers are expected to explore ways to overcome these problems with an emphasis on peace," Rouhani said.

At the end of the spiritual father's speech, Klayan Reyes, a high-ranking lawyer and former member of the Supreme Court of the Philippines, began to speak. After the usual compliments, he said, "This is the first time that I will participate in the meeting of" Supporters of Simultaneous Unity ", which consists of followers of different religions and sects and seeks to commemorate World Peace Day, and in this regard to all members." And congratulations to the planners for doing such activities. "I recently retired from the Supreme Court and am currently chairing the Columbus branch in the United States," he said. Peace and love are urgently needed, and we must be active in both domestic and international affairs, including peace. "As a Catholic, I have participated in numerous interfaith talks that have been a source of cooperation and collaboration among followers of different religions, and this is an activity that we engage in for a week each year in February," he said. Senator Ligarda introduced a layer to the Senate that sparked the Interfaith Dialogue Week, which aims to unite the various religions. The best medicine is prayer, so let us ask all the followers of religions and sects to pray and take care of the current epidemic.


At the end of the speech, the host said, "Let us hear about peace this time from another religious figure, and then asked Van Miao Jing Six, the director of the Philippine Buddhist Temple, to give his speech." He said at the beginning that we have gathered today to celebrate the International Day of Peace and therefore we have participated in this meeting as a family. The head of the Buddhist temple added that he had been invited to express Buddhism's views on peace. He has been suffering from the epidemic for over eighteen months, and now we have come together to see what can be done. Speaking on PowerPoint, he presented a world map, adding that according to reports in 2021, the armed forces of nearly 174 countries around the world are fighting terrorists and insurgents, and that a pervasive disease has been added to them. A picture of our world. The speaker now divided the problems facing humanity into three parts, which are: man-made disasters, natural disasters and the catastrophe of the Kuwait epidemic, adding that this is where humanity must join hands and face these problems. . He called for the duty of human beings to preserve the future for our next generation to be accompanied by peace, love and security, adding that what we should do in these areas and what we can do. The speaker mentioned peaceful meetings and gatherings as possible ways to solve these problems. In another part of his speech on religion and peace, the leader of the Buddhist temple said that having mercy and compassion, compassion, forgiveness, equality and unity are among the factors that are very important in terms of paying attention to religion and peace. And called them a source of water that has no end. He also spoke about the implementation of what has been said, especially about the spread of peace in Buddhist communities, and outlined some of the activities of the International Buddhist Light Society in the Philippines with the help of other associations, including the Muslim Association of the Philippines. The fight against the epidemic was briefly told to the audience. The speaker introduced sites of Buddhists who practiced vegetarianism and practiced yoga, emphasizing the need to exercise and pay attention to healthy eating during the coronation restrictions, and two young Filipino youth receiving scholarships. The International invited them to speak, and both raised similar issues with the Buddhist leader.


Elder Tania Lavacolo, President of the Regional Council of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, also spoke at the meeting. Expressing his pleasure at attending the meeting and thanking those involved, he said, "Each of us can encourage others and share love, even among minorities." He added that when we look at the world, we see a certain confusion, and the question arises in our minds, where then is peace? And where should we find peace? Citing some of the speeches of Western thinkers and writers such as Charles Dickens, he called for kindness to others, even erring people, and considered it a part of Christianity, adding that human beings of all colors, races and religions should be helped, especially in modern times. Let's pay the corona. In another part of his speech, the speaker cited examples of apocalyptic church actions in helping the needy and continued that the amount of this aid in the Philippines alone has reached forty-one million dollars and the Church of the Savior has always tried with institutions Collaborate with others and bring self-sufficiency to those in need has also been part of the church's agenda. The Regional President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints emphasized the need for self-sufficiency in young people and added, "The answer to my question at the outset was that peace can be achieved by going to the Savior." ) Found. Mormon Church missionary Pierre Thomas Kay also presented a poem about peace.

Pastor Alvarado Centuri of the Union of Churches of Jesus Christ also spoke about the peace meeting. This spiritual leader addressed the other members ""


The next speaker was Dr. Putreh Diampuan, a representative of the leading unit of the Union of Religions, who expressed her pleasure at attending the meeting and said, "I also tried to express my views on these issues." Expressing the category of faith and peace and peace in faith, he said, despite all efforts to achieve peace, this has always faced many problems. He, who is himself a Sunni Muslim with tendencies similar to the school of Ahl al-Bayt (AS), continued that Islam is not only a comprehensive religion but also respects all the great religions that have been sent by God. He confirmed his words by quoting verses from the Holy Quran and added that the Holy Quran emphasizes that the creation of all human beings is from one parent who has divided them into different categories and God emphasizes that the most esteemed of you, Avoid your hardest work. Dr. Putreh called the nationalist issue among some people in the world one of the major causes and problems of peace and added, "Considering that we are all created from one parent and the creation of man is from dust, no one is superior to anyone else." Therefore, no one is superior to anyone else except the amount of piety. The speaker added that a Muslim should be a good Muslim, a Christian should be a good Christian, a Jew should be a good Jew, a Hindu should be a good Hindu, and .... It ended its speech. Pierre Thomas Kay, a missionary of the Mormon Church, also wrote a poem about peace.

Pastor Alvarado Centuri of the Association of Churches of Jesus Christ of the Philippines also spoke about the peace meeting. "Dear friends, we are looking for better ways to bring about peace, and our gathering seeks to pass a day of peace at the United Nations, and these days, the pervasive coronary heart disease is, in fact, the spiritual leader." It is the responsibility of all peace advocates to move forward, and I declare on behalf of the Union of Churches that the members and supporters of this union are ready to work together in this area. In another part of his speech, he gave a brief history of all the member churches, saying, "We have a lot to share with each other to promote peace." Referring to the violent disputes between the government and the Communist Party of the Philippines, the speaker said, "Our desire is to establish peace between them and to take action towards peace." "Let me emphasize that human rights are for all of us and not for a specific group," Pastor Sanchori acknowledged. "We were the first group to protest and condemn the declaration of martial law (referring to the declaration of martial law by the then Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcus)," he said of the Union of Churches' opposition to injustices in society. And I hope that today's meeting, which is an effort to spread peace in the community, will continue to work in the next Philippine presidential election, which will be held on May 22 next year. "As long as such issues continue, it is not possible to achieve peace, and let justice flow like water so that peace can be achieved, and by doing so," he said, referring to the Philippine Churches Association's view of the world's high military spending. Peaceful care is achieved. Criticizing some of the Philippine military's policies in the face of the actions of the church clergy, he said that one of the priests engaged in a humanitarian action was distributing tents to the poor and needy in a remote part of the Philippines, which calmed them down. It is the establishment of peace, he received a summons, now why? We do not know the reason and we hope that the army will cooperate with the citizens in establishing peace. He concluded by expressing hope that peace would be possible.


The next speaker was Dr. Shakontala Vaswani, a Hindu passage in the Philippines. Emphasizing the need for peace, he said that society does not only talk about individual rights, but also emphasizes individual duties, because paying attention to the performance of individual duties is a factor in achieving peace. The speaker expressed some of the teachings of the late Indian leader Mahatma Gandhi and called for peace through peaceful means. He also made brief remarks about "Nelson Mandela" and "Martin Luther King", emphasizing, "We strongly believe in the work of such people." A member of the Hindu temple of the Philippines, interaction with all religions and denominations, and respect for the way different peoples worship God are among the factors that are important in establishing peace, and acknowledged that our communication through the media is not enough to promote peace. Act as a bridge between different religions and beliefs. At the end, he recited some of the prayers of the Hindu religion in its original language.

Dr. Morteza Sabouri, Cultural Adviser of the Islamic Republic, also delivered a speech ........

Dr. Lillian C. Zon, Secretary General of the Religions for Peace Unit in the Philippines and an official of the Pope Santa Thomas University, said in a summary of the material presented at the International Peace Day webinar: It must be for the attainment of universal peace. He added that in order to achieve peace, everyone's public rights must be guaranteed, including freedom, justice, access to health food and drinking water, and the possibility of governing life, because they are important factors in achieving peace. The Secretary General of the Religions Unit, emphasizing the importance of holding interfaith dialogue, considered it as a factor to face various challenges and emphasized that holding such meetings will provide the possibility of achieving the desired goals. He concluded his speech by thanking and appreciating all the speakers, participants and staff of the peace meeting.

 At the end of the program, due to lack of time, the moderator requested that participants who wish to participate in these discussions can send their views and opinions briefly in the designated part of the program on their computer pages to the "Sync Supporters" unit.


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