Inauguration of 22nd Round of Hifz o Qirat Competition

  • Start date : Oct 22 2021
  • End date : Oct 22 2021
  • Place : Iran Culture House
  • Capacity : 50
Inauguration of 22nd Round of Hifz o Qirat Competition

Panel Discussion on Calligraphy & Holy Quran

Along with the 22nd round of the Holy Quran Competition and in order to encourage Qaris & Hafiz participating in this round of competitions the Panel discussion on calligraphy and relationship with Holy Quran was held with Iranian and Indian calligraphy on 24th October 2021 in Iran Culture House, New Delhi. In this program, Dr. Masoud Rabbani, Professor of Mazandaran University, Dr. Ehsanollah Shokrollahi, Director, Persian Research Center, New Delhi, Dr. Ahrar Hindi, Mr. Matiullah, who have explained the relationship between calligraphy and Holy Quran.

Introduction of Nastaliq calligraphy, the importance of calligraphy in Persian culture and literature, the effect of calligraphy in absorbing and better understanding of Quranic verses, introduction of calligraphy centers and capacities in Iran and India and ways of learning calligraphy knowledge were some of focused issues discussed by above mentioned experts.

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