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The fifteenth clip titled "Let's make our Thursdays Quranic" was released

The Fifteenth clip titled "Let's make our Thursdays Quranic" was released

The Fifteenth clip titled "Let's make our Thursdays Quranic" was released


The   Fifteenth clip titled "Let's make our

Thursdays Quranic" was released




We start from where we left you last Friday and here are ayahs 70 to 72 of Surah Naml:

ولا تحْزنْ علیْهمْ ولا تکن فی ضیْقٍ مّمّا یمْکرون

ویقولون متىٰ هـٰذا الْوعْد إن کنتمْ صادقین

قلْ عسىٰ أن یکون ردف لکم بعْض الّذی تسْتعْجلون

“Do not grieve for them, and do not be upset by their guile.”

“They say, ‘When will this promise be fulfilled, should you be truthful?”

“Say, ‘Perhaps right behind you there is some of what you seek to hasten.”

Last week in our explanation of ayahs 67, 68, and 69 of this Surah, we referred to the mocking of the Resurrection Day by the disbelieves, who unable to use their minds to understand the divine wisdom in raising to life all human beings, called it an unfulfilled promise of the prophets of the past. In response, God revealed to Prophet Mohammad (SAWA) to tell them to travel around the earth so as to see the ruins of the past civilizations and contemplate upon the terrible fate that befell the tyrants and unrepentant sinners. Here, in the ayahs that we recited to you today, the Almighty Creator soothes His Prophet and tells him not to feel grief for the fate these guileful disbelievers are bringing upon themselves by their intransigent opposition to the manifest truth. You, as the Messenger of Mercy, have fulfilled your duty and conveyed to them the truth in the best possible manner. God has given the freedom of will to human beings to choose between good and evil, and since faith cannot be forced upon anybody, leave it to them to determine their own destiny. These hardcore heathens will not believe in your mission and will always plot against its spread, but do not worry, We will nullify their plots. As for their attempt to ridicule you by questioning your credibility that the punishment you had warned about has not befell them, tell them: Do not be in such haste, for soon the consequences of your disbelief and sins will afflict you.

From these ayahs we learn that:

  1. It is our duty to guide the misled people and show to them the path of salvation, but if the vicious elements refuse to heed the voice of reason and continue their evil ways after becoming aware of the truth, leave them to their fate and do not grieve for them.
  2. The long period of respite which God has given to the sinners and disbelievers to repent, rectify, reform themselves, and return to the truth, is not because of any inability, but because of His Infinite Mercy, and those who continue to mock, will eventually be punished for their evil deeds.

Now we listen to ayahs 73 to 75 of Surah Naml:

وإنّ ربّک لذو فضْلٍ على النّاس ولـٰکنّ أکْثرهمْ لا یشْکرون

وإنّ ربّک لیعْلم ما تکنّ صدورهمْ وما یعْلنون

وما منْ غائبةٍ فی السّماء والْأرْض إلّا فی کتابٍ مّبینٍ

“Indeed your Lord is gracious to mankind, but most of them do not give thanks.”

“Your Lord indeed knows whatever their breasts conceal, and whatever they disclose.”

“There is no invisible thing in the heaven and the earth but it is in a manifest Book.”

These ayahs point to God’s Grace and Blessings for all mankind, by noting the fact that most people are thankless despite enjoying these bounties, and instead of repenting of whatever wrong they had done, they insist on their evil deeds. The oppressors’ assumption that God is unaware of their plots is totally wrong. As a matter of fact, nothing is hidden from the Almighty Creator, who is aware of even the doubts they entertain in their chests and the thoughts that flash across their minds. He, the Creator of the universe, knows whatever is in the heavens and whatever is in the depths of the Earth, since nothing is invisible to Him, and is all minutely listed.

From these ayahs we learn that:

  1. We ought to thank God for giving us the long respite of life as opportunity for repentance and should avoid negligence.
  2. Nothing is hidden from God, the Almighty Creator, Who brought everything into existence and set in orderly motion, including the occurrence of the Day of Resurrection and Judgement.
  3. We should wish good for others and avoid evil intentions, since God, the All-Merciful, is aware of even the thoughts that flash across our min


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