Celebration of Ramadan

Celebration of Ramadan

Celebration of Ramadan

Ramadan for Muslims is one of the most important and blessed months of the lunar year among Muslims. It is referred to as the holy month. Qura’n was revealed this month. During Ramzan, Muslims fast for the whole month of Ramdhan, avoid water and food, drinking, lying, backbiting and doing all those acts which nullify their fast. Through these practices and with self-edification, they try to enrich their resoluteness by thanksgiving to the Almighty Allah for His unlimited blessings. 

During this month, those fasting get up at least one hour before Morning Prayer and have a meal, referred to as Sahari. And, before Morning Prayers time, they stop eating and drinking. They usually perform Noon Prayer in the congregation and after performing Evening Prayer, which is also usually performed at the end of the day in the congregation, they take to break their fast. While fasting, Muslims do not commit any such act, which breaks their fast. While fasting, people practice to behave themselves not to commit any improper work, which will nullify their fast. They try to get closer to the highest level of human behavior and perfection. 

There are various well-known prayers for this month, which are performed separately after each of the daily prayers. Prayers of Shab-e Qadr (Night of Destiny) are the most important prayers of this month, which are performed on the nineteenth, twenty-first and twenty-third night of this month. During these nights, Muslims stay awake, reading the holy Qura’n and performing different prayers to take benefit of blessings of these nights, which are the nights in which the holy Qura’n was revealed to holy prophet Mohammad (p.b.u.h.)

The martyrdom of Imam Ali (p.b.u.h.) is another tragic event of this month, which coincides with Shab-e Qadr, giving great importance to the twenty-second night of Ramadan. Prayers are offered and mourning congregations are held on this holy night. 

Eid-e Fetr (Eid ul Fitr)

After fasting for a month, Muslims celebrate Eid ul Fitr, which falls on the first of Shawwal, being the 10th month of the lunar year. In this prayer, a religious scholar leads prayers, gives a speech and in this speech he invites people to religiosity, loyalty and modesty. After this prayer, Muslims give a prescribed quantity of grain or its equivalent amount in money to the poor and or the needy or the poor ones.

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