Iranian Film Festival 2024

  • Start date : Feb 19 2024
  • End date : Feb 29 2024
  • Place : Islamic University in Uganda
  • Capacity : 200
Iranian Film Festival 2024

The Iranian Film Festival pays special attention to the documentary genre with some of the best young talents Iranian cinema can offer.

“Henas, which narrates the love life of my parents in the days leading up to my father’s assassination, has gone on screen for more than a month now across the country. Tens of thousands of Iranians have so far watched the film.
An opportunity has now been provided so that people across the world find out about the sufferings of the Iranian nation in the past decades and understand that Iranians are among the biggest victims of crimes against humanity, who have lost 200,000 youths during the Iraqi-imposed war in the 1980s and more than 17,000 people to terror attacks.
It will be a pleasure if you, as representatives of the people of your countries, watch this film as well to find out about a small part of those big crimes against the Iranian nation.”
Armita’s father, Dariush Rezaienezhad, was shot dead in 2011 by the Zionist regime’s agents in Tehran, becoming the third Iranian nuclear scientist who was assassinated.
Amrita and her mother, Shohreh Pirani, were present at the scene when he was killed.
Dariush Rezaienezhad died aged 34 and was laid to rest in his birth place Abdanan, a town located in Ilam Province, western Iran.

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