Iranology Seminar at Kampala International University

  • Start date : Feb 15 2024
  • End date : Feb 15 2024
  • Place : Kampala International University
  • Capacity : 200
Iranology Seminar at Kampala International University

Introducing Iran to Uganda through academic institutions of higher learning













We conduct academic seminars and conferences on Islam, Islamic philosophy, Qur’anic studies, Islamic spirituality, comparative philosophy, Iranian culture, Iranian philosophy and Persian literature.

The purpose of these seminars and conferences is to foster dialogue between academics and intellectuals of Iran and the Muslim world and the international community.

The main objectives of Iranian Studies are:

  • Academic research on theoretical aspects of Islam, philosophy, spirituality, Islamic-Iranian art and Persian literature.
  • Organizing academic and cultural conferences and seminars based on research objectives.
  • Establishing academic ties with academic centers of Iranian and Islamic studies in Uganda.
  • Publication of research in the fields of Islamic studies, comparative studies, Islamic philosophy and spirituality, Islamic-Iranian Art and Persian literature.
  • Introducing Iranian culture and intellectuals to the international community.
  • Promote cultural and scientific dialogue between Iranian and African academics.
  • To support academic research in different fields,
  • It offers academic advice to students in the field of Islamic studies and Iranian studies.
  • To share opportunities in Iran such as Health tourism, cultural tourism, education scholarships among others.

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