Persian poetry

Persian poetry

Persian poetry

Persian poetry is one of the dual types of speech and is opposite to prose. Poetry is considered as a thoughtful speech with metre and sometimes rhyme as a composition of words in which a kind of metre is used.

Persian poetry has different types:

Ancient Persian poetry is divided into the following types in terms of structure and ordering tools:

  1. couplet,  2.ode,  3.sonnet,  ـ4.stanza,  5.Composition-tie,  6.strophe , 7.tail-rhyme ,  8.Quartet,  9.terzarima and 10.distichs, and in terms of intentions to different types such as praise 's syllable, pride, epic, elegy, love song, destruction and other than them are divided. There are other divisions in Persian literature for poetry, such as song, ballad, hymn, chant, chakameh, elegiac, inspiration, proverb and sayings.



The poets of classical poetry are Saadi, Ferdowsi, Hafez, Khayyam, Rumi and dozens of other famous poets. In the contemporary period, founded by Nima Yoshij, Persian poetry became known as New Poetry with slight changes in metre and rhyme. Poets such as Tavalli, Ebtehaj, Akhavan Sales, Sohrab Sepehri and many others are among the poets of this style of poetry.

The period after the Islamic Revolution, Persian poetry also entered a new phase. One of the features of the poetry of this period is dealing with new dimensions of religion, self-sacrifice, martyrdom and similar things. The most important difference between the poetry of this period and the previous period is the use of old Persian formats, although some of the young poets of the revolution wrote their best poems in the form of new poetry. One of the achievements of the Islamic Revolution of Iran in the field of literature, especially poetry, is a development that includes the semantic aspects of poetry. Poetry was influenced as a mirror of the developments in the country after the victory of the Islamic Revolution of Iran. Poetry during the decades after the Islamic Revolution, played a significant role in reflecting events and expressing social conditions, and this development is significant compared to before the Islamic Revolution of Iran. Among the famous figures of poetry of this period, we can name: Ali Moallem, Ahmad Azizi, Qaisar Aminpour, Hossein Manzavi, Tahereh Saffarzadeh and Fatemeh Rakaei.

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