Saadi Shirazi Persian Kalam

Saadi Shirazi Persian Kalam

Saadi Shirazi Persian Kalam

Profile Of Saadi Shirazi

Pen Name :'Sadi'

Real Name :Abu Muhammad Muslehuddin

Born :Shiraz

Died :ShirazIran


Abu Muhammad Muslihuddin bin Abdullah Shirazi, better known by his pen name Saa'di, was a Persian poet famous for his works Bustan and Gulistan. His travels included countries like Arab, North Africa, Asia Minor, Syria and Hindustan. Having reached Sindh, he met many revered Sufis. In Baghdad, he met Sheikh Shahabuddin Suhrawardy. Although he also has many other works credited to his name, his fame largely rests upon Bustan and Gulistan. In Gulistan he has expressed his experiences by describing religious principles while there is a glimpse of Sufism in Bustan. The uniqueness of his expression is the ease and simplicity of his language. He has penned poems on a gamut of subjects. He returned under to Shiraz the rule of Abu Bakr Saad while traveling to distant lands and countries and teaching humanity to the people. After that, he became a recluse after years of arithmetic and fighting. He then presented his lifelong experiences and observations to the world in the form of Gulistan and Bostan. Both of his books have the status of Shehra Afaq. The flowers of Gulistan's poems in particular are still fresh today. Bostan is the name of his collection of poems. Gulistan's prose texts are adorned with the best poems. Sheikh Saa'di's stories are full of counsel. He died in Shiraz in 1292 and was buried there.

Name Saadi Shirazi Persian Kalam
Country Iran
Production Time

1184 - 1292

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