Isfahan Contemporary Art Museum

Isfahan Contemporary Art Museum

Isfahan Contemporary Art Museum

About Isfahan Contemporary Museum of Art

Isfahan Contemporary Museum of Art building itself is an old beautiful structure from the Safavid era and many changes have been made during the Qajar era in order to make it more practical and useful.  As a result of Qajar maintainers and decoration, you can see well-designed stucco works throughout the building. The former governor of Isfahan, Masoud Mirza, was the residence of this mansion-like house. After that, the place was used as the municipal building in the Pahlavi era and finally, in 1995 it became the homage of the Contemporary Art Museum.

This charming building has two floors and six exhibition halls, library, administrative affairs, and meeting hall. In exhibition halls, you have the chance of visiting interesting artworks of Isfahanian artists. Most of the temporary exhibitions that are held in this museum are about Islamic arts and calligraphy.

With more than 36000 m2, the museum has seven main halls that held treasuries like Line and book writing section, lacquered and oily works, handcuffs and traditional swaddling, miniature, metal works, glassware, pottery and china, and wooden works. The exquisite panel named Chogan is one of the iconic items in the miniature section of the museum.

As you are in the heart of the city, you are very close to the main tourist attractions of Isfahan. Chehel Sotoun Palace, UNESCO World Heritage Naghsh-e Jahan Square, and Hasht Behesht Palace are in close proximity to the museum. Also, Natural History Museum of Isfahan is next to this museum. If you go a little more southward you will reach the historical Si-o-Se Pol and Khaju Bridge on Zayandehrud River.

Where to Eat near Isfahan Contemporary Museum of Art

If you get hungry after visiting the Isfahan Contemporary Museum of Art, there are several options for eating around the museum which you can consider. Azam Beryani, Shad Beryani, Grilled Golestan, Messo Qali Café, Maral Restaurant, Top Strips Food, and Toop Food are some of your choices.

Where to Stay near Isfahan Contemporary Museum of Art

You are in the city center, so there are several options for your accommodation. Partikan HotelVenus HotelSafir HotelSafavi HotelHasht Behesht HotelPiroozi HotelAbbasi Hotel, and Setareh Hotel are some places that you can take into consideration.


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