The Qajar Museum of Tabriz

The Qajar Museum of Tabriz

The Qajar Museum of Tabriz


The Qajar Museum of Tabriz was established in the year 2006 in the Amir Nezam House located in the Sheshghelan district of the city of Tabriz after it was renovated. This house had been built by Amir Nezam Garousi during the time he served in the curt of the Qajar king, Nasser al-Din Shah.


This mansion had been built with an infrastructure of 1500 square meters on two floors and includes two inner and outer courtyards. The main porch of the building is supported by 16 columns.


The upper floor is decorated with reticulated windows decorated with colored glass, plasterwork on the north and south facades, and the mirrors and plasterwork of the inner halls. There is a large pool in the basement that has solid columns and a roof constructed with bricks. The halls of the lower floor of the museum include the hall of coins, woven, porcelain, glass, metals, music, and inlay works. By the same token, the halls in the basement are halls of stone, weapons, officials and orders, architecture and urban planning, locks, and lanterns.

Name The Qajar Museum of Tabriz
State East Azerbaijan
City Tabriz
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