Kamanche is an Iranian instrument, similar to violin & bass. It’s a bit bigger than a violin and almost equal to a viola, however, it has many similarities and differences with them. Like for example, Kamanche is a four-metal strings instrument played with a single-stringed bow. The shape resembles that of a violin, a wooden hemisphere with a long handle. Usually, the wooden hemisphere is covered with a membrane from sheepskin. 

A key difference is that Kamanche, unlike the violin, has a bridge that is diagonal. It can be tuned in many different ways depending upon the regions’ likeness. For example in Tehran, it is tuned as G D A E which is similar to that of a violin.

Some people are of the belief that Kamanche was a three-stringed instrument until violin was introduced in Iran in the late 20th century when a fourth string was added to it. 

This Persian musical instrument can be observed on many Iranian antique paintings, showing how commonly it was played and liked throughout centuries in Iran.

Name Kamanche
Country Iran
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