Abu Nasr Muhammad bin Muhammad Farabi

Abu Nasr Muhammad bin Muhammad Farabi

Abu Nasr Muhammad bin Muhammad Farabi

Born in the Farab District of Khorasan in the year 870 CE, Abu Nasr Muhammad bin Muhammad Farabi (known in the West as Alpharabius) is one of the greatest Iranian philosophers and scholars, who had expertise in philosophy, logic, sociology, medicine, mathematics, and music. Farabi was quite unique in many fields of sciences and he wrote a book about every science of his time and it is clear from his works that he was very skilled in such sciences as language, mathematics, alchemy, astronomy, military sciences, music, physics, natural science, theology, civil sciences, jurisprudence, logic and encyclopedia writing.

Farabi’s extraordinary intelligence and learning power enabled him to master all the subjects he was taught. He soon became known as a philosopher and scientist. Most of his works written in the fields of philosophy and logic belonged to the Neoplatonic school, and he sought to reconcile the thoughts of Plato and Aristotle with the monotheistic theology of Islam. In the tradition of Islamic philosophy, Farabi has been called the “second teacher” - after Aristotle, who was nicknamed the “first teacher”. Islamic historians believe that Farabi was an ascetic person who spent a lot of time in contemplation.

Farabi Dari has written many books and treatises, such as: “What is worth learning before philosophy”, “Urban Politics”, “Combining the Views of Plato and Aristotle”, “Treatise on the Nature and Essence of Reason”, “Attaining Salvation”, “Answers to Philosophical Questions”, Treatise on Proving Non-Material Beings”, “Aristotle’s Purpose of Writing the Book on Metaphysics”, “Treatise on Politics”, “Jewels of Philosophy”, “Great Music”, “The views on Utopia”, “About the Need for Alchemy”, etc.

Several of Farabi’s works were translated into Latin under the names Avenassar, Alpharabius, Alfarabi, and El Farati. Farabi passed away in the year 950 CE and his tomb is in Damascus.

Name Abu Nasr Muhammad bin Muhammad Farabi
Country Iran
WorksAl –Farabi wrote a book with the title of ihsa ul –uloom which clearly describes his beliefs according to Islam and his theories.
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