Symposium on YAAD-E-IMAM

  • Start date : Jun 5 2022
  • End date : Jun 5 2022
  • Place : IRAN CULTURE House New Delhi
  • Capacity : 200
Symposium on YAAD-E-IMAM

Symposium on YAAD-E-IMAM

On the occasion  of 33rd Deat Anniversary of Imam Khomeini  (R.A) Culture House , Embassy of I.R.Iran new Delhi Organizing a Symposium on YAAD-E-IMAM in presence of H.E.Dr. Ali Chegeni Honorable Ambassador of I.R.Iran along with some Religious & Cultural Dignitaries of India and Iran

Date: 5th June 2022

Time : 10:00 am

Venue : Iran Culture House New Delhi

Imam Khomeini

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