Islamic Azad University

Islamic Azad University

Islamic Azad University

With more than 400 academic campuses, medical and research centers, and about 1.2 million students, Islamic Azad University is considered one of the biggest universities in the world.


The idea of establishing a university complex named "Islamic Azad University" was formed among the officials of the Islamic Republic in 1982, the first academic unit of which, named "Tehran Center", was founded in the same year. This Iranian center of higher education officially began its activities by admitting 3000 students in such courses as architecture, electrical, mechanics, mathematics, chemistry, Iron and Steel Industry, textiles, and accountancy in the year 1983. The next campus of this was established in Tabriz.

15 Seed accelerators, 18 growth and technology centers, 172 research centers, and 407 academic units and educational centers are affiliated with this university.

Since Islamic Azad University also imparts education in the field of medical sciences, 12 hospitals and clinics provide their services under the supervision of this university. The Department of Medical Sciences of Azad University was established with the aim of the integrated management of educational centers and medical services. The first medical campus of this university started its activities in 1985, and a year later, the number of its medical science campuses was increased to eight. The center for "Relationship with Industry" of this department, is vested with the responsibility of providing research services to industries active in the field of medicine, creating a suitable platform for the commercialization of research achievements, and to support entrepreneurship, and supporting the innovative activities of university researchers.

So far, about 6 million people have graduated from this university. Every year, about 120,000 theses at the postgraduate level and nearly 7,000 theses at the Ph.D. level are produced in this university. Three specialized campuses of "Fershtgan" (for students with special needs), "Madaran" and "Professor Farshchian Campus of Islamic Arts" have been established at Islamic Azad University.

Sama Organization of the Islamic Azad University was established in 1991 to impart and expand general and skill training courses. Presently, this organization administers 800 girls and boys schools 143 of which operate as technical and vocational schools. The number of students studying at different levels in these schools stands at 140 thousand.

International Status and Activities of Islamic Azad University

Based on the URAP ranking system, which takes into consideration the amount of scientific production in its ranking, Islamic Azad University (including all academic units) is ranked 226th in the world and second in Iran (after Tehran University). Some branches of this university have also been ranked independently in different ranking systems. For instance, in the Times ranking (2023) the Najafabad Branch (in Isfahan province) was ranked 501 to 600 and 8th among Iranian universities. In terms of the number of students, Islamic Azad University ranks 6th among universities in the world.

Every year, this university publishes a call for admitting foreign students. Admission of non-Iranian students to these universities is based on their academic records. According to the officials of this university, about 60 thousand non-Iranian students were studying in various branches of this university in Iran in 2022.

Islamic Azad University has established five overseas branches in Baghdad (Iraq), Beirut (Lebanon), Dubai (United Arab Emirates), Oxford (England), and Kabul (Afghanistan).

Name Islamic Azad University
Country Iran
Total students1200000
foreign students60000
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