The Ancient City of Rishahr

The Ancient City of Rishahr

The Ancient City of Rishahr

The historical city of Rishahr is located near the city of Bushehr (Bushehr province). The artifacts discovered in this city date back to the third millennium to the first millennium BC. This city was considered one of the most important scientific and literary centers during the Sassanid era and flourished for several centuries after Islam.

The name of Rishahr is the abbreviated form of “Rivardeshir”. Ardeshir Babakan (the founder of the Sasanian Empire) had built several cities during his rule one of which was Rivardeshir that can be said to have been the reconstruction of the city of Lian; It is clear from Elamite brick inscriptions that this city was called “Lian” at that time. Apparently, due to its special geographical location, Lian was a connecting link between the Eastern and Western civilizations of the ancient world.

The artifacts discovered in Rishahr include cuneiform inscriptions belonging to the Shutruk Nahunte era as well as the remains of a number of buildings and copper objects and engraved pottery that show Rishahr had been an important city of the Elamite Empire in the second millennium BC.

Name The Ancient City of Rishahr
Country Iran
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