Ghaffariyeh Dome of Maragheh

Ghaffariyeh Dome of Maragheh

Ghaffariyeh Dome of Maragheh

This building the construction of which dates back to 1325 to 1328 CE, is located in the northwest of the city of Maragheh, next to “Safi Chay” river. This square-shaped building is made of bricks on top of a stone platform and a deep crypt. In the four corners of this building there are some columns with diamond-shaped designs. The front part of its “Khan- Bozorg” is facing north and the width of the lower arch is facing east. Each side of the building and its back have two arches and an inscribed border. All the writings on this dome are in Rayhani script.

The tiles of this building are a mixture of navy and sky blue in color. The color of the letters of the inscriptions is black written on white walls and decorated with turquoise color leaves. A three-line inscriptions can be seen above the central arch of the large porch. There is also a two-line inscription above the door of the building the content of which cannot be perceived due to wear and tear, but it seems that it contains the name and titles of the owner of the tomb. There is a central arch in front of the “Khan- Bozorg”, which has been decorated with a two-line inscription.


Name Ghaffariyeh Dome of Maragheh
Country Iran
Historical Periodbetween the 725-728 years of the lunar Hegira.
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