The Achaemenid Palace of Bardak Siah Palace

The Achaemenid Palace of Bardak Siah Palace

The Achaemenid Palace of Bardak Siah Palace

The central hall of this palace, which is located in the groves and the confluence of Shapur and Dalaki rivers, is similar to the Apadana Palace in its style and plans and has two rows of five columns that make this palace comparable to the Pasargad and Borazjan palaces of Cyrus the Great; even though it lacks the elegance of those two palaces. The nomenclature of the Bardak Siah Palace is to the use of black stone in the foundation of the columns of this palace.

In the course of the excavations at the site of the Bardak Siah Palace some interesting objects have been discovered that include a set of womanly ivory daggers and a few pieces of decorative apparatuses (indicating the presence of women in the palace), 4 heavy pieces of gold - more than three kilograms each - which appear to have been used to decorate the entrance door, a fragmentary sculpture featuring the head of the Achaemenid emperor Darius the Great accompanied with a servant, an inscription in cuneiform and the New Babylonian language, a piece of gold - probably the top of a golden cup - etc.

There are two other palaces by the name of Charkhab and Sang-e Siah in this region that belong to the Achaemenid era and were constructed due to the expansion of the navy during the Achaemenid period and with the aim of having control over the waterways of the Persian Gulf for military and economic reasons.

Name The Achaemenid Palace of Bardak Siah Palace
Country Iran
Historical PeriodDarrius
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