Imam Reza (AS) International University

Imam Reza (AS) International University

Imam Reza (AS) International University

Due to the existence of the shrine of Imam Reza (AS), the eighth Shiite Imam, Mashhad has always been the meeting place of Muslim scholars and intellectuals and many Islamic thinkers and scientists have been raised in this city who have been of great scientific services to the world of Islam. This issue has made Mashhad one of the most important scientific centers in the region. Presently, several universities are operating in this metropolis.

Imam Reza International University, which is one of the prominent centers of higher education in Iran, was established to have a role in the progress of research-based higher education in the country. Expanding international activities by attracting foreign students and holding joint courses and meetings with foreign centers of higher education is one of the strategies of university officials to improve its scientific and educational level.

History and Structure of Imam Reza (AS) International University

Imam Reza International University officially started its activities in 1999 and in the course of its activities, this scientific center has always been known as one of the best non-governmental universities of Iran. The keenness of elite foreign students to pursue their higher education at Imam Reza University is indicative of its high scientific level.

This center of higher education is located over an area of 33,000 square meters and admits students in more than 60 academic fields at the three levels bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate. Its six thousand students pursue their higher education on two campuses; Rezvan (girls’) and Israr (boys’).

Over the years of its activities, this university has been recognized as the best non-governmental university of the country by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology (Ministry of Higher Education) of Iran. In terms of research, this university has been ranked 65 among Iranian universities and institutes of higher education by the ISC Ranking.

Admission of Iranian students to this university is done through the national university entrance exam or by checking their academic records. In addition, the applicants for postgraduate courses must also pass the in-person interview.

Electronic Training

One of the services of Imam Reza University to students is providing electronic education. This work has taken a proper form with the launch of a virtual education center. The availability of the necessary infrastructure has made online studies possible, which also reduces the cost of educational activities to a considerable extent. Presently, it is possible to conduct online classes in five majors at the master’s level and 10 subjects at the undergraduate level.

Open Education

Imam Reza University has founded a center called “Open Education” to provide supplementary education to its students. In order to increase the specialized and practical ability of the graduates, this center offers special training programs outside the official curriculum. Based on the needs and demands of government institutions or industries, the center also holds the required courses to increase their skills.

Research Activities

In order to strengthen research activities as much as possible, workshops, conferences, and exhibitions are held inside and outside the university campus on an annual basis. In addition, some research centers, such as the “Islamic Architecture and Urban Planning Research Center” have been established to help researchers with their research activities.

The office of “Relationship with Industry” has been established with the aim of creating cooperation between university researchers and the private sector. Holding internship workshops, defining demand-oriented research projects and practical theses, along with providing consultation services and empowerment programs, are some of the duties of this office. The establishment of the academic club “House of Industry, Mining and Trade” to interact with the industries of the province, plan scientific and specialized visits, hold internship programs, provide intellectual property services, and provide consultation and empowerment services are some of the services offered by this office.

International Activities

Imam Reza University officially started its international activities in 2013 and, presently (in 2023), more than 500 non-Iranian students from eight countries, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Nigeria, Tanzania, Sweden, and Palestine are studying at this university.

In addition to leisure and educational facilities, this university also holds Persian language classes for non-Iranian students. These courses are planned for 18 weeks, during which the participants can learn the four language skills. To facilitate the activities of its students, an office called “Consular Affairs” provides accommodation and consultation services to foreign students.

Name Imam Reza (AS) International University
Country Iran
Total students10000
foreign students500
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