Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences

Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences

Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences

Located over 1.5% of Iran’s total area, Kermanshah province has had a significant role in the history of this country. As one of the metropolises of Iran, the city of Kermanshah is blessed with respectable facilities in the field of education, and the Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences is the main center of higher education in the Kermanshah province.


Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences was first established as a nursing high school in 1968 and it was then changed into a medical college in 1975. After the Islamic Revolution, this college progressed rapidly and following the decision about separating medical schools from other universities, it was upgraded to an independent medical university in 1985. The present structure of this university comprises seven medical training centers in Kermanshah and 10 hospitals and health care networks in other cities of the province.

Presently, more than 14 thousand students undergo their higher education in different fields of medical sciences under the supervision of about 500 full-time faculty members in the following eight faculties:

1. Health

2. Nursing and midwifery

3. Medicine

4. Paramedicine

5. Pharmacy

6. Dentistry

7. Nutritional sciences and food industry

8. Rehabilitation sciences

Also, Sonqor College of Nursing and Islamabad Institute of Health Education are also affiliated with the Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences.

Health Technology Park of this university has been established with the aim of supporting small and medium-sized companies, industrial research and development units, and research institutions as well as interacting with other health-oriented educational and research units. Ilam University of Medical Sciences and Kurdistan University of Medical Sciences jointly administer this technology park.

Research activities of Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences are conducted in the following research centers: Medical Biology Research Center, Fertility and Infertility Research Center, Environmental Determinants of Health Research Center, Substance Abuse Prevention Research Center, Pharmaceutical Science Research Center, Sleep Disorders Research Center, Research Center of Oil and Fats, Social Development and Health Promotion Research Center, Imam Ali Cardiovascular Research Center, Medical Technology Research Center, Regeneration Medical Research Center, Behavioral Diseases Research Center, and Infectious Disease Research Center.

This university publishes six journals in English on the latest findings of researchers in various medical fields.

International Activities and Status of Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences

Based on different ranking systems, Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences is considered one of the top universities in Iran in the fields of medicine and health. In the ISC ranking published in 2021, this university ranked 501 to 600 in medical and health sciences, ranking sixth among Iranian universities. In the 2023 Shanghai ranking, this university was named the best university in Iran in the field of public health and the second-best university in Iran in the field of clinical medicine. In both of these disciplines, Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences was ranked 201 to 300.

Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences has signed memorandums of understanding with 11 foreign institutions and universities. The international affairs management of the university, which in addition to concluding scientific and research cooperation agreements with foreign research institutes and universities, is also responsible for carrying out activities related to admitting foreign students, publishes a call for admission every year. According to the latest statistics, in 2023, more than 600 non-Iranian students were studying at Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences. To support international students, this university provides them with such services as providing consular and accommodation facilities.

Name Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences
Country Iran
World University Ranking201
Total students6200
foreign students600
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