Yasuj University

Yasuj University

Yasuj University

56% of the total area of Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad provinces of Iran being covered by forests makes this province a suitable place for research on soil and forest. Located in the capital of this province, Yasuj University is considered to be one of the important research centers in these fields.


The present day Yasuj University was started as the Yasuj Technical College with two associate degree in the fields: "Rural Development" and "Welding Mechanics" in 1983 as an affiliated college of Shiraz University. By founding the schools of agriculture and technology, the status of this college was upgraded to that of an “Institute of Higher Education”. In 1995 and after the establishment of such courses as “civil engineering” and "mechanical engineering”, its status was promoted to "university" and it began its activities as an independent center of higher education.

Educational and Research Activities of Yasuj University

Presently, more than 4700 undergraduate and 1600 postgraduate students are undergoing their higher education in Yasuj University in the following six faculties:

1 - School of Industry and Mining: Located in the city of Charam, the establishment of this school dates back to 2012 and it is presently imparting higher education in two fields of "rural development" and "mechanics" at the associate level.

2 - Faculty of Humanities: This faculty was established in 2004 by admitting students in two coursed of English language and Persian literature. Gradually, other courses such as sociology, political science, history, theology, philosophy, psychology, and educational sciences, economics and geography were also founded in this faculty, which currently has 65 full-time faculty members and more than two thousand students are studying in it.

3 - Faculty of Engineering: This is the first and oldest faculty of Yasuj University.

4 - Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources: The associate degree in agriculture was the first field of this faculty, which was created in 1986. In the beginning, two fields of "poultry" and "plant production" were taught in this faculty, but with the progress of the university, more fields were created in it. "Agricultural Engineering and Poultry Sciences", "Agricultural Engineering and Plant Breeding", "Cultivation", "Plant Medicine", "Forestry, Pasture and Watershed Management", "Agricultural Entomology", "Plant Pathology", "Soil Sciences", "Rural Development", "Livestock Improvement", and "Seed Technology" are among the fields offered in this faculty.

5 - Oil and Gas College: This college is located in the city of Gachsaran, a city where oil was extracted for the first time in Iran in 1908. Polymer engineering, applied chemistry and welding mechanics are the fields currently taught in this college. The presence of oil industries near this college is considered a good opportunity for its students.

6 - Faculty of Basic Sciences: This faculty began its activities in 1955 in the fields of chemistry, physics and mathematics and gradually the fields of biology, statistics and phytochemistry were also added to it. Presently, 63 full-time faculty members are working in the Faculty of Basic Sciences.

The presence of more than 250 full-time faculty members has greatly helped in improving the level of education and research in this scientific center of higher education. "Natural Resources", "Medicinal Plants", and “Center for Native Social and Linguistic Studies”, are the most important research centers of this university.

Since the beginning of the activity of this university, more than 5100 ISI research papers have been published and more than 15 international inventions have been the outcome of the research activities of the researchers of the university. Yasuj University also published eight scientific journals on energy, plant diseases, botany and its applications and green polymers five of which are in Persian and three are in English.

International Activities and Position of Yasuj University

Yasuj University is considered as one of the growing universities in Iran. In the evaluation of the Times Institute published in 2023, this university was ranked 30th among Iranian universities. Yasuj University has recently received the license to admit non-Iranian students.

Name Yasuj University
Country Iran
Total students6000
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