Soore University

Soore University

Soore University

Hozeh Honari (Department of Art) of the Islamic Propagation Organization, supports various artistic and cultural activities that take place in Iran. In line with its duties, this institution established the Soore Institute of Higher Education as a non-profit institution in 1993. The central organization and faculties of this university are located in the middle areas of Tehran. The main objective of Soore University is to offer productions according to Islamic artistic and cultural guidelines and to ensure the achievement of this objective it uses the services of the best university teachers in these fields to teach and train its students; an issuer that has made Soore University to find a high position not only among the artistic community, but also among the people as one of the most serious centers for providing artistic education.

History of Soore University

After its establishment, Soore Institute of Higher Education admitted students out of the system of university entrance exam. However, since 1995 it began to follow the same process for admitting students when 11 fields of study were active in this institute. Despite the fact that Soore Institute was awarding equivalent degrees to its students until 1997, from this year onwards, the degrees awarded by the institute came to be approved by the concerned official institutions of Iran, which was an important step for the growth of this institute.

Following the expansion of its educational activities, this institution was upgraded to a university in 2011, and since then it has been known as “Soore University”. Launching the first Ph.D. course in the field of communication sciences at this university is considered the most important development in the history of Soore University.

Presently (in 2023), 4500 students are pursuing their higher education in this university in the following three faculties and at three levels of doctorate (three courses), postgraduation (21 courses), undergraduation (18 courses), and bachelor’s degree (one course).

1. School of Architecture and Urban Planning: At the same time as the establishment of Soore Institute of Higher Education, its school of architecture was also launched with the intention of responding to the needs of the Iranian society by using cultural and Islamic elements in architecture and recognizing Iranian Islamic architecture. Currently, four fields of architectural engineering, Islamic architecture, civil engineering, and interior designing are taught in this faculty. With being in possession of about 400,000 publications and books in written and virtual form, the specialized library of this school is considered one of the most valuable resources related to architecture in Iran.

2. School of Art: This school was founded in 2001 and currently, it is known as the biggest school of this university with 11 groups "Animation", "Cinema", "Higher art studies", "Theatre", "Photography training", "Graphics", "Handicrafts and Islamic art group", "Drama literature", "Painting", "Illustration" and "special visual effects" working under its supervision.

3. School of Culture & Communication

This school was founded in 2011 by combining the existing two schools of "Communication Sciences" and "Cultural Affairs". Responding to the needs of society in the field of culture and media is the main mission of this faculty. In this school, students undergo their higher education in three fields of "Sustainability Literature", "Social Communication" and "Cultural Management".

Research Activities of Soore University

Research forms one of the most important objectives and activities of Soore University. The scientific journal “Rahpooyeh Honar” (lit, Pathway to Art) is published in three volumes "Visual Arts", "Performance Arts" and "Industrial Arts". The university also published another scientific journal entitled “Rahpooyeh Hekmat-e Honar-e Eslami” (lit. Pathway to Wisdom of Islamic Art).

The Office of Liaison with Industry is one of the departments of Soore University, which works as a sub-category of the department of research of this university. This office is vested with the responsibility of concluding research contracts, signing cooperation agreements with various organizations, supporting research projects related to small businesses, and managing large projects.

Name Soore University
Country Iran
Total students4500
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