Sharif University of Technology

Sharif University of Technology

Sharif University of Technology

Sharif University of Technology was established in 1965 with the aim of educating and training specialized forces to cater to the technological requirements of Iran. Having continuously improved during the decades of its activities, this university is now recognized as one of the best scientific institutions in West Asia in the field of basic sciences and modern and applied technologies. The scientific and dynamic environment of the university has made it one of the first choices of those who pass the university entrance exams in Iran with top rankings.

So far more than 46 thousand people have graduated in different fields from this university many of whom are among the top university teachers of Iran in their respective fields. Some of the graduates of this university pursued their studies in the prestigious universities of the world, and perhaps the most famous of them is Maryam Mirzakhani, who is the first and only Iranian lady who has ever won the prestigious Fields Medal in mathematics. A number of Iranian politicians and athletes are also among the graduates of this university.


The central campus of the Sharif University of Technology has 15 faculties and five educational centers in which courses and training related to engineering and basic sciences are imparted. The various faculties of this university are classified into three categories of basic sciences, engineering, and non-engineering, and include:

1. Chemistry,

2. Mathematical science,

3. Physics,

4. Management and economy,

5. Energy engineering,

6. Electrical engineering,

7. Chemical and petroleum engineering,

8. Industrial engineering,

9. Civil engineering,

10. Computer engineering,

11. Mechanical engineering,

12. Material science and engineering,

13. Aerospace engineering,

14. Philosophy of science,

15. Languages and Linguistics.

The faculties of electrical engineering, chemical and petroleum engineering, material science and engineering, and mechanical engineering are the oldest faculties of the Sharif University of Technology. There are also several educational centers in this university that include:

1. Nano Science and Technology Research Institute,

2. Physical education,

3. Educational workshops,

4. Graphics,

5. Islamic sciences.

Equipped with the latest paraphernalia, the laboratory service center or the “central laboratory” of the Sharif University of Technology provides advanced laboratory services to students and teachers of this university.

The library of this university also started its activities with a central and 10 subsidiary and specialized libraries at the same time as the establishment of the university. The central library of the Sharif University of Technology is located in a five-story building and its 10 subsidiary libraries are located in different faculties.

The campuses of the Sharif University of Technology

The main campus of the Sharif University of Technology is located in Tehran over an area of 20 hectares. The university also has two other campuses:

1- Kish International Campus: This campus began its activities in collaboration with Kish University, which is affiliated with Kish Free Zone Organization. This campus admits students in technical and engineering fields at all three levels of graduation, post-graduation, and doctorate.

2- Self-Governing Campus: This campus began to admit students in 2012 by examining the academic records and scores obtained in the entrance exams of Iranian universities. In the first two years of the activities of this campus, students were accepted in five fields of information technology engineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, petroleum engineering, and mechatronic engineering. However, from 2019 onwards it began to operate under the title of “Self-Governing Campus of Tehran” admitting students in computer engineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, and petroleum engineering. Presently, apart from these four fields, this campus also admits students in such fields as chemical engineering, aerospace engineering, materials science and engineering, chemical and petroleum engineering, computer science, mathematics and applications, physics, applied chemistry and pure chemistry, and industrial engineering.

Foreign students at the Sharif University of Technology

The Department of “International Students” of the Sharif University of Technology examines the applications of foreign students who wish to get admission to this university at different levels. Presently, the Kish International Campus is known as a base for the international units of world universities, and more than 30 foreign students from Canada, Austria, UAE, India, etc. are studying there.

Name Sharif University of Technology
Country Iran
World University Ranking381
Total students46000
foreign students30
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