Shahrekord University

Shahrekord University

Shahrekord University

Man’s need to use facilities and resources in the best possible way has forced him to study science and use the best methods to acquire high-quality products. The formation of scientific and educational centers in each region is not unrelated to the resources available to it. This is the reason that the Shahrekord University, which was initially established as a center for teaching techniques and knowledge related to animal husbandry, gradually expanded and today it is considered as one of the comprehensive universities of Iran.

The History of Shahrekord University

The first steps for the establishment of a center of higher education in the field of animal husbandry in the city of Shahrekord were taken in 1977. This center started its activities in a rented building and under the name of Shahrekord Animal Husbandry College. Later on, the square, which was situated in the neighborhood of the college was called the “University” Square.

After the Islamic Revolution of Iran in 1979, this college was transformed into the “College of Agricultural Training” and started working under the supervision of Isfahan University of Technology. The first batch of students of this college, which consisted of 30 students, started their higher education at the associate level in 1983, in the fields of agriculture and animal husbandry.

Following the expansion of the activities of this center, it was upgraded to a “Complex of Higher Education” in 1988 and finally to a university in 1991.

Educational and Research Activities of Shahrekord University

Having a large space, the eight faculties (“Engineering and Technology”, “Literature and Humanities”, “Basic Sciences”, “Mathematics”, “Veterinary Medicine”, “Agriculture”, “Natural Resources “, and “Arts”) of this university have more than seven thousand students, of which about 1,500 are studying in postgraduate courses. Among these faculties, seven faculties are located in the main campus and one faculty (Faculty of Arts) is located in the city of Farsan.

The 330 faculty members of this university teach in 49 undergraduate, 79 postgraduates, 36 specialized Ph.D. levels, and one professional doctorate level.

The Shahrekord University has the following six research centers:

1. Animal embryo technology,

2. Biotechnology,

3. Common diseases of humans and animals,

4. Growth center,

5. Water Resources Research Center,

6. Nano.

The focus of the activities of these research centers is based on the region’s need in the field of agriculture and animal husbandry.

This university founded a center with the title “Innovation Acceleration” in the year 2016 the main objective of which is connecting the university researchers with the food, agricultural, and animal husbandry industries. As per the evaluations conducted in Iran, with the help of these centers, Shahrekord University has been able to achieve the top ranking in Iran’s agricultural research.

Shahrekord University publishes eight scientific journals two of which (Iranian Water Research and Iranian Veterinary Clinical Sciences) are of scientific-research ranking. The other six publications that are published with specialized-scientific ranking are:

1. Common diseases of humans and animals,

2. Researches on the mechanics of agricultural machines,

3. Literature and humanities,

4. Soil management,

5. Plants and environmental stresses,

6. Research on animal nutrition.

In 2017, Shahrekord University was ranked among the top 1% of universities in the world for the first time. Also, in the ISC Ranking published in 2021, this university was named one of the top universities in Iran in the field of agricultural sciences by ranking 501 to 600 in the world.

Giving admission to foreign students started in this university in the year 2017 when students were given admission in the fields of literature and law. In addition to giving admission to foreign students, the Office of Scientific and International Cooperation of this university helps raise the scientific level of the university by engaging in the exchange of research findings of the university researchers with researchers from other countries through holding joint meetings with different universities. According to the officials of Shahrekord University, since 2023, this university has started new programs to increase the number of its foreign students.

Name Shahrekord University
Country Iran
Total students7000
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