University of Mazandaran

University of Mazandaran

University of Mazandaran

Mazandaran province is one of the northern and most pleasant provinces of Iran. The proximity to the Caspian Sea and the presence of lush forests have made this region one of the best travel destinations for Iranians. However, not only the nature and tourist attractions of this province are impressive, but also its centers of higher education are among the best Iranian universities. The University of Mazandaran, which is located in the beautiful city of Babolsar, is one of the largest and most active centers of higher education of this province.

History of the University of Mazandaran

Babolsar School of Economic and Social Sciences was established in collaboration with Harvard University in 1971, in Babolsar to train specialized human resources in the fields of “Economics”, “Accounting and Finance”, “Social Economy”, and “Labor Law”. Babolsar School of Economic and Social Sciences was a non-profit institution and was located in the place where the main building of the University of Mazandaran is located today.

In the first academic year of its activities, this school admitted 300 students in the fields of economics and social sciences. In the next academic year, the capacity of Babolsar School of Economic and Social Sciences doubled, and within a few years, it came to be considered one of the most important centers of higher education in northern Iran.

On September 26, 1980, with the approval of the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution the University of Mazandaran was officially established, and since then it has significantly grown both quantitatively and qualitatively. Later on, the faculties of Medicine, Agriculture and Natural Resources, and Technical and Engineering Complex were separated from this university to form three independent universities.

Educational and Research Activities of the University of Mazandaran

Presently, the following 13 faculties are active in this university:

1. Chemistry,

2. Basic sciences,

3. Mathematical sciences,

4. Humanities and social sciences,

5. Law and political science,

6. Art and architecture,

7. Economic and administrative sciences,

8. Theology,

9. Physical education,

10. Literature and foreign languages,

11. Technology and engineering,

12. Marine and environmental sciences,

13. Cultural heritage, tourism, and handicrafts (located in Nowshahr city).

More than 400 faculty members serve in these 13 faculties of the University of Mazandaran teaching more than 250 fields and courses of which about 55 fields are at the undergraduate level, more than 130 fields at the postgraduate level, and more than 70 fields at the Ph.D. level.

During the years of the activities of Mazandaran University, more than 500 books have been authored by its researchers. The university also publishes 25 scientific journals of which 12 are scientific-research journals and the remaining 13 are scientific-review journals.

The Status and International Activities of the University of Mazandaran

The researchers of the University of Mazandaran are very active in publishing articles in foreign journals, such that they published 1063 and 1127 research papers in international journals in the years 2021 and 2022 respectively.

The University of Mazandaran was ranked 27th among Iran’s comprehensive universities in the ISC Ranking published in 2022. The Global and Asian rankings of this university have been 1801 to 2000 and 701 to 823, respectively.

Engagement in international academic activities has been the focus of the authorities of the University of Mazandaran for a long time such that three decades ago, it created a union of universities of the Caspian Sea countries the membership of which stands at 55 today.

Non-Iranian students also have a significant presence in the University of Mazandaran. In 2023, about 500 non-Iranian students were studying there, which constitutes more than four percent of the university’s student population. Among all the faculties of this university, “Economic and Management Sciences” has the highest number of foreign students, and “Marine and Environmental Sciences” has the lowest number.

According to the officials of the University of Mazandaran, by providing consular and welfare services, more foreign students are getting attracted to study at this university.

Name University of Mazandaran
Country Iran
Total students18000
foreign students500
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