Shiraz University of Technology

Shiraz University of Technology

Shiraz University of Technology

Shiraz is one of the important cities in the south of Iran and is the house to such industries as electronics, refineries and petrochemicals, cement, rubber, dairy, textiles, and power plants. Being known as one of the industrial hubs of Iran and since the presence of a technical university in it was considered a necessity, Shiraz University of Technology was established several decades ago and has continued to grow and expand.

History and Structure

Shiraz University of Technology is considered to be the first university of technology in southern Iran. It was initially one of the colleges of Shiraz University, which was established in 1968, entitled “Electronic Industry College”. This college continued its activities for several decades and was eventually promoted to being the “Shiraz University of Technology” in 2004.

Presently, the following 10 departments operate in this university:

Electrical and Electronics Engineering: Being the cornerstone of the formation of the university, this largest department of the Shiraz University of Technology admits students in three majors of electronics, control, and telecommunications at the undergraduate level and six majors of electronics, power (system and energy and power electronics), control and telecommunications (field and system) at the postgraduate level. The Ph.D. students of this department pursue their higher education in four fields of electronics, power, control, and telecommunications.

Computer Engineering and Information Technology: This department was created at the time when the Electronic Industry College was promoted to being the Shiraz University of Technology. Three educational groups of “Information Technology”, “Software” and “Network and Computer Architecture” operate in this department.

Mechanical Engineering: Established in 2005 with the aim of supplementing the courses required by the university, this department admits students at two levels of postgraduation (four majors “energy conversion”, “applied design”, “mechatronics” and “aerodynamics”) and doctorate (two majors “energy conversion” and “applied design”). The creation of the fast computing center, the wind tunnel test laboratory, and the mechatronics laboratory has been done with the aim of supporting the research projects.

Civil and Environmental Engineering: The earthquake group of this department is active in the field of modern earthquake studies, design and construction of space structures, retrofitting of buildings, seismic of vital arteries, and designing of special buildings. This department also admits students in two postgraduate courses.

Mathematics: This department was initially one of the educational groups of the Department of Basic Sciences, but in the process of expansion of the university it became an independent department and began to admit students in 2012.

Chemical, Oil, and Gas Engineering: The presence of chemical industries and refineries in Shiraz has made chemical engineering one of the important fields of higher education at Shiraz University of Technology.

Materials Science Engineering: This department was started in 2009 by admitting students at the postgraduate level in electroceramics. This field is focused on making ceramic materials with electrical, optical, and magnetic properties. Courses related to “Corrosion and Metals” and “Identification and Selection of Items” are also offered at the postgraduate level.

Chemistry: This department admits students to two majors: “Physical Chemistry” and “Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry”. The Department of Chemistry was initially one of the groups of the Department of Basic Sciences. Three active laboratories of this faculty help students in their research activities

Physics: The research and educational activities of this department, which was founded in 2004, are planned in three branches: “Photonics”, “Condensed Matter”, “Atomic Molecular Physics” and “Solid State Physics”.

Industrial Engineering: This department, which is one of the youngest, was established in 2011 and began to admit students at the postgraduate level. Presently, students are also admitted to this department at the undergraduate level in order to meet the needs of regional industries for manpower in production, transportation, health and treatment systems, and financial and energy systems.

International Position of Shiraz University of Technology

The ranks achieved by this university in the world ranking systems confirm that the Shiraz University of Technology is one of the top technical universities of Iran. Ranked 301 to 400 by the Shanghai Ranking makes this university one of the top Iranian universities in electrical engineering. Similarly, ranking 601 to 800 in the Times Ranking, it was named as the 20th top university of Iran.

Name Shiraz University of Technology
Country Iran
World University Ranking301
Total students1100
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