Mofid University

Mofid University

Mofid University

Even though Mofid University was established in 1989, it is considered one of the leading centers of higher education in Iran in the field of humanities. The main idea that led to the establishment of Mofid University was to create a research-oriented space for more communication between humanities and religious foundations. Mofid University started its activities as one of Iran’s specialized universities in humanities and earned the title of the top university in Qom province.

Keeping in view the objectives for the establishment of this university, it has been named after “Sheikh Mofid”, a great scientist of Islamic sciences. Muhammad ibn Muhammad ibn Nu’man, nicknamed Sheikh Mofid, was a Shiite jurist and theologian in the fourth century AH who lived from 948 to 1022 CE and expanded the Shiite theological school of thought during his lifetime of activities. Many of the theological topics that are accepted among Shia scholars today were mentioned for the first time by this scholar. According to some historical texts, Sheikh Mofid wrote more than 200 books only some of which are available today.

Education and Research at Mofid University

Six educational faculties of "Economics", "Law", "Philosophy", "Political Science", "Theology", and "English Language" of Mofid University are engaged in providing scientific education to students in 31 academic fields at three undergraduate, postgraduate, and Ph.D. levels.

In addition to admitting students through the nationwide university entrance exam, Mofid University conducts a special entrance exam for seminary students. However, this university is permitted to admit some students without going through the entrance exam. In 2023, about 1500 students pursued their higher education in this university.

Despite the fact that Mofid University is considered a private university, certain conditions have been provided for admitting a number of top students to study without paying tuition fees. The students can also use the university’s scholarship projects by meeting certain criteria.

The following four research centers have been established at Mofid University in order to consolidate its research activities:

• Center for Human Rights Studies: It started its work in 2003 with the aim to produce knowledge and develop literature in the field of human rights with an emphasis on interdisciplinary research and Islamic teachings.

• Center for Economic Studies: The increase in the needs of human societies has inspired finding appropriate answers from religious texts to overcome the existing crises. This center was established in 2005 with this aim in mind. So far, several international conferences have been held by this center in which professors from different countries have exchanged views on various issues.

• Center for Quranic Studies: Established in 2006, the main objectives of this center are: to compile and explain Qur’anic knowledge in relation to humanities and interdisciplinary research projects, to spread Quranic culture and knowledge with emphasis on the school of Ahl al-Bayt (AS) This center has been publishing a journal entitled “Religions and Contemporary World” since 2014.

• Center for Comparative Law Studies: It was established in 2009 with the objective of conducting research and comparing scientific issues to resolve the existing challenges and find answers to questions related to this field. This center published two scientific quarterly on “comparative law”.

International Activities of Mofid University

With the view to attracting foreign students to pursue their higher education at this university and providing them with the required services, Mofid University established a center called the “Consular Office for Non-Iranian Students” in 2018, which provides such services like arranging for the renewal of their passports and visas and accommodation.

During the years of its activity, Mofid University has held many scientific meetings with scientific and research centers of different countries like America, Canada, Germany, England, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Italy, Netherlands, Australia, Ireland, Luxembourg, China, Russia, South Africa, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, India, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Tajikistan, Qatar, UAE, Türkiye, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, and Iraq.

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