Tehran University

Tehran University

Tehran University

UT PR: The University of Tehran is a public institution and considered as the most comprehensive University in the country. Rooted in Jondi Shapur University which dates back over 2,000 years, UT was established in 1851 and ratified in 1934 as the first modern university in Iran.

The University’s main campus is located in Tehran, the capital city, however, there are more than 8 campuses belonging to UT in different parts of the country. Persian is the main language of instruction at UT, however, English also is recognized as the second language. UT follows a semester-based academic calendar.

Education wise, UT is extremely selective. Nationwide, while UT is the first choice of almost all students in all diciplines, only top 10% of the students can enter the university through the Iranian University Entrance Exam (Iran's Konkoor). Fully empowered with research, innovation, market skills, and demands, UT graduates are playing a central role in the country’s wide range of Industry, Agriculture, Science, Technology and Innovation as well Education, Social, and cultural sections, making a vital contribution to the nation’s development, and eventually leading to the success of the country’s governance.

Research at UT takes place in all academic divisions; including humanities; engineering, physical and life sciences; medical sciences; and social sciences. It takes place across a range of disciplines in more than 60 research centres and more than 550 Laboratories. Research funding at UT has topped billion, including funds from the government, industry, community and other sections.   

UT library network, which supports more than 30 faculty libraries, is Iran’s biggest academic library which comprises more than 1.3 million physical volumes.

UT, from the outset, bore the title of “Iran’s largest Academic Institution”, and now, after around 170 years since its establishment, the University of Tehran still gleams like a gemstone aloft in the firmament of Iran’s scientific knowledge, holding such noble titles as the “First Modern University in Iran”, “Iranian University”, and the “Quintessence of Higher Education in Iran”.

 Did you Know?

  • UT has the biggest Science & Technology Park in the country,
  • UT hosts over 15% of the country’s Centers of Excellence,
  • UT is developing the nation’s biggest “Technology and Innovation Ecosystem” through the “City of Knowledge” Project in the middle of Tehran Megacity,
  • UT has the highest social impact on the nation building & development since its establishment,
  • UT is the leading “Digital University” in the nation (over 99% of the class are online with accessibility of 99.9%).
  • UT has more than 2000 academic staffs and over 50K students,
  • UT has more than 8 campuses across the country (at FoumanJolfaKaraj (two campuses), KishPakdashtQom, and Rezvanshahr cities),
  • UT central campuses in Tehran has 48 faculties, 9 colleges, over 60 research centre/institutes, and more than 550 Laboratories,
  • UT has over 160 Educational Departments,
  • UT has more than 197 scientific journals including 38 Scopus or WOS indexed Journals,
  • UT has seven UNESCO Chairs (Water ReuseEngineering EducationIslamic ArchitectureInterdisciplinary Research in DiabetsEntrepreneurship, Cyberspace: Dual Speciation of the World, Social Health and Development),
  • UT is committed the COPE,
  • UT has more than 600 active international MOUs/MOAs.

To know more about UT, please visit "170 Years with the Quintessence of Iran's Higher Education",  Top AlumniHon. Doctorate AwardsChronologyUT Ranks, and Achievements pages too.

Name Tehran University
Country Iran
World University Ranking521
Total students30000
foreign students787
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